Quilting UPHILL



Level Table? Yes, believe it or not you do need to check your table every now and then, BUT having a level is not required to do this.  Maybe you’re wondering how to accomplish this without using a level, first move your machine to the end of your table and position the needle in the center.  After you have done this note whether your machine falls to the front or the back of you table?   Repeat this again in the center and at the other end.

If you find that your machine doesn’t remain in the center,  it’s quite possible that you’re making quilting more difficult than it really needs to be.   Finding your groove while quilting is what you should expect, however, when you discover that your lovely several thousand dollar product isn’t cooperating as it once did you may need to consider that it could the that it’s not leveled appropriately.

Another culprit could be loose threads that have gotten wound around the wheels of your carriage, this can be a quilting nightmare and wreak havoc on your sewing.  I am not the neatest quilter but there is one thing I do make sure is kept tidy and that’s my table.  Allowing threads to hang around opens the door for clogged wheels etc.  I suggest getting in the habit of wiping down your table before and after each quilting session.  This will ensure happy quilting and prevent little snippets that can cause major headaches.  And no one wants headaches and everyone wants happy quilting!


2 thoughts on “Quilting UPHILL

  1. Just a funny…..
    I was sewing a way just fine..and forgot to lock away my loving companion (my cat) she loves to watch me but sometimes she gets tired and thinks the long arm is a PERRFECT place to sleep. So I am concentrating and the carriage hits something solid! there goes some nice stitching lol

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