No Quilting Game Here


Graduation, a visit from my mother, a charity golf outing AND a trip to the US Open this weekend in Wisconsin…something had to give right?

I am off my game, or maybe I should say my head is NOT in the quilting game. There is no “off my game” about it.  Are my excuses good enough? Never mind, please don’t answer that.  Regardless of my rationale,  I simply did not have my work mojo this week, so I apologize for letting my readers down.  But once again I am proving that this quilter is human. At least I am consistent in that aspect, right?

Sorry folks but the idea of getting another picture of me and Jordan Speith does not bring the words “quilting, longarm, Proline Rulers or blog post” to mind.  I am currently trying to figure out how I am going to get Jordan to smile for the camera AND have me standing next to him.

Trust me if I do happen to capture a picture of, “Jordan and I”, there will be “something” posted for ya all to see! I guarantee my smile will be bigger than the one shown below.

Have a great weekend, and let me know if anyone else is attending the US Open. But please keep in mind I will not let you in any pictures with Jordan and I…sorry but sometimes a girl has to refuse sharing!


11 thoughts on “No Quilting Game Here

  1. You go girl! By the way you haven’t list any mojo, just in a different direction! Can’t wait to see you and Jordan all smiles!!!! Have fun!

  2. There are those moments(?) of ‘overload’ and stepping back merely allows an artist to regain, and reinfuse/energise, their creativity. Happens here, too, and it’s always for the better!!! Relax, enjoy……..a hiatus is a “good thing”…………..

  3. Enjoy your quilty break. Things are supposed to slow down during the summer, that means quilting also. It’s summer have fun.

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  5. I absolutely love watching Jordan and Michael. Last week’s simultaneous club and rake throw after the bunker shot was amazing!

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