Feathers Create My Happy Place







Feathers, feathers, feathers.  Yes, I do know how to quilt many other things, however, I absolutely love to quilt feathers.  As soon as I had finalized the purchase on my machine I was determined to master the technique of  quilting these beauties.   So, maybe you have just bought your first machine and are having the same thoughts I just shared of loving feathers , or you have a machine and simply haven’t taken the time to learn this technique. Well, then this post will come in handy!  Although this is an older video I thought I would repost it for some of my newer followers, and for those of you that have yet to tackle this motif.

The video I am sharing below is a tutorial on formal feathers, some quilters refer to it as the “hump and  bump”.



Whether you are new feathers, or just needed a refresher on fine tuning your skills I hope you found this video beneficial.  By the way what are your favorite motifs to quilt?



15 thoughts on “Feathers Create My Happy Place

  1. I love making feathers! Thanks for the video and the inspiration. I like making circles with lots of different shapes in and around them.

  2. Thanks for the interesting, educational video, Lisa. I was terrrified of feathers, even after a 5 day class with Diane Gaudynski. I finally got brave enough to do a whole quilt in feathers, and now I like doing them. I doodle them all the time.

  3. Thanks for the video! You were the one that made feathers “click” in my mind when you did these a few years back. The best tip was splitting the area when forming the next feather.

    Kudos from a fellow PCT&S alum!

      • I did NOT attend Philadelphia University. . . I loved PCT&S though! I graduated with a Textile Engineer degree, though as a freshman I was a design major. Obviously, I was not happy with the name change of the school!

  4. I love feathers in all their derivatives as well as leaves. Like Laura I finally “got” the feathers after your videos – I have even downloaded them to refer to them when I have been away from FMQ for a while. They help me get back on the feather bike

  5. Finally!! ….. its Clicked – exactly HOW to stitch feathers 🙂 Am an experienced stitcher but learner quilter – just couldn’t get a decent feather 😦 Now I’ve seen your video I know how I should be stitching them – have started doodling them and already feels more natural. Thank you so much
    with love from the Isle of Wight UK xx

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