Memorial Day Weekend Brought Divide and Design

Obviously I’m little behind on what transpired over my Memorial Weekend.  Wednesday I posted on what I achieved Friday, and now I’m filling everyone in on what I did on Saturday.  Sometimes these three-day weekends mess up my whole weekly routine.  Needless to say I  had the wonderful opportunity to teach my Divide and Design class at Ladyfingers Sewing in Oley on Saturday.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that 10 wonderful students wanted to share the morning with me knowing it was a holiday weekend!

I know that I’ve said this more than once, okay maybe eve 10000 times, BUT I LOVE hosting this class.  Most of my pupils were domestic/sit-down quilters that were unsure how to choose quilting for their quilt tops.  But after experiencing this class much of their anxiety and lack of confidence dissipated.

I love when students are willing to bring in their current projects.  The talent and creativity always ceases to amaze me.  The picture below displays the wonderful quilt top she brought in order to obtain a few suggestions on how to enhance the design.

Her appliqué is to die for!  But that is no surprise seeing that it is from Patricia Ritter at Urban Elementz!  If you unfamiliar with Appliqué Elementz, they are laser cut iron on, appliqué, how cool is that! I think I need to do some shopping!!!

Thanks to Ladyfinger Sewing in Oley PA, and those that chose to spend some time with me this past weekend.  It was a pleasure and joy sharing all the magic of Divide and Design with everyone.  I hope you found the method easy; and moreover that now feel you CAN accomplish creating a quilt!



4 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend Brought Divide and Design

  1. The class at Ladyfingers was so.much fun! I used th shy away from quilts with too much blank space. Not any more! Thank you for a fun and informative class!

  2. HI lisa, just saw your quilt that won a ribbon, I think it was three places. Wanted you to know I love it. I have all your books and class. I hope to get that good one day. My wish is to take a live class one day if you every came to Michigan. You have a great skill in quilting and are a inspiration to new quilter. I have learned a lot for you and hope to learn more. Thanks for being so special to quilter.

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