Never-Ending Quilt Lesson #3


I had good intentions, and  grand plans of getting a ton done on my never-ending quilt over this holiday weekend.  But as we all know what happens with “good intentions” it did NOT happen.  The weather on Saturday had the golf Gods calling me to my favorite place.  “Lisa, Oh Lisa if you grace my greens with your presence I will ensure that you have an amazing 18 holes”.  I needed no begging and with no further ado I was having a blast swinging my clubs.

Even thought I did NOT provide my 4 year UFO with  any TLC on Saturday, Sunday or Monday; I did get make sure I gave it some love on Friday.  So to ease my conscience I thought I’d share what I accomplished on Friday with everyone…as promised.

I agonized and agonized over what to do in this area of pink.  After a lot of painstaking consideration I eventually reached a decision but not before I mentally put myself through hell.  Thoughts where having a relay race in my mind “oh my, I am going to put the wrong thing here and it’s going to look horrible” and “what if I discover I HATE it, I’ll be picking it out till the cows come home” (sound familiar).  At some point I had a small epiphany.  And that was realizing that this quilt could already be perceived as ruined due to the bleeding that it incurred. Understanding this little notion had me putting aside any further fickleness on my decision-making process.


I contemplated many different ideas as to what I should be incorporating in the below portion of the quilt.  The thought of applying feathers was a brief consideration; but it was a fleeting prospect since there wasn’t enough space for them to become a reality.  In addition, the area in yellow just opposite of the pink was intended to feature the same technique, therefore creating a mirror effect.  Now as I reflect on my choices, in hindsight, placing feathers on one colored area and echo lines on the opposing colored area would have enhanced my design.  But if you think I am ripping anything out you are highly mistaken.  As with the bleeding color, this too stays and I move forward.

I’m not in love with the feather motifs that I applied, in fact, those I really did consider ripping out.  But thank goodness I am working hard on combatting my compulsive behaviors; because now they are starting to grow on me. I can’t say I love them yet, but maybe in a few more days we will move beyond the feelings of toleration.

So a few more steps along this adventure have transpired and as I move forward a feeling of excitement is beginning to stir within.  Hopes of salvaging this piece are becoming a possibility.

Lesson #3:  The lesson learned during my Friday quilting was this; prior to Friday the feeling  of being “hopeful” or “excited” did not exist.  This quilt has reminded me that regardless of our initial thoughts and feelings are, there is always hope in what we do.

Are you working on something that has you rethinking your original design?  Have choices you’ve made ended up pleasantly surprising you?

Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding my designs or choices I have made with thread, batting etc.  I’d love to answer any questions you may have.




19 thoughts on “Never-Ending Quilt Lesson #3

  1. I struggle in deciding what quilting to put on a quilt. I am glad I am not the only one. How do you decide what to put where? Is there any “rule of thumb”? Some people tell me it is how the quilt talks to you. Mine are speechless.

  2. I’m loving how this is coming out and I’m also loving that you are sharing the process, even when it doesn’t go as planned. I have no doubt it will be stunning. Do you always baste? Looks like 2″ squares? I assume you take it out as you get to it.

  3. Your quilt is breath takingly beautiful!!!

    Do you have two layers of batting there? What kind?

    Did you get the stain out? I don’t see it at all. 🙂

  4. I think it is beautiful. I don’t know what is wrong with those feathers for they look great to me. Maybe you can wash it after it is done and use synthrapol, retayne or dye catchers to see if the bleeding will come out. You never know, it might work as long as you don’t dry it first.

  5. Lisa, I think your quilt and the quilting are stunning. I, too, struggle with quilting motifs. Often, I’m paralyzed by wanting to get it “right”, forgetting that there is no one “right”, Quilts may not speak to us, but each one has something to teach us.

  6. Hi Lisa, I have experienced what happened with you re dye run. I washed my quilt after it was completely finished with Dylan Colour run removed virtually all the colour run. Give it a test and try.

  7. I have had die run, but it was cheap fabric and I didn’t any better. I generally prewash and haven’t had a problem since, but I haven’t worked with self-died fabrics. I would love to learn more about it.

    You asked about projects that turned out better once invisioned. I just finished a sampler quilt created from swap blocks. I have had the blocks out since January and I changed my mind a million times. But I am very happy with and proud of the quilt top now! I wrote a blogpost about it last weekend.


  8. I’m another who struggles interminably with which motifs to use in which parts of a quilt. The quilt I’m currently working on has really been disappointing! My mind’s eye, a small paper mock-up, and reality just didn’t come together the way I’d thought they would. I more or less hate all of the quilting I’ve done on it except for the outer border. No way am I picking out the disappointing bits, though; I’m calling it a learning experience and just won’t look at it. Maybe someone in the family will love it and want to have it. LOL!

  9. I have been reading about your quilt disaster and wanted to offer a possible solution. I had a dark blue batik fabric bleed onto white fabric I had in my quilt. I treated the problem with a product called Sew Clean. After some scrubbing with a tooth brush, the dark blue came out. It was a miracle in my eyes. You might want to give it a try. There is nothing to lose at this point.

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