Did You Hear Me?



What is a business without good communication? There is none.  How vital is communication with our customers?  It’s pretty darn vital.  I know that when I was quilting for customers,  I composed an intake sheet that allowed me to notate information regarding each client and specifics on what they wanted on their quilt.  Why was this so important?  Well, hello I am no super hero when it comes to retaining every single word my customer shared with during consultation.  I could review my notes and realized “I completely forget she had mentioned this, or requested that”.  We all have good intentions of listening closely to the wants and needs of our customers but can we rely on mentally keeping every detail tucked away in our heads…not this girl.

 I rely on contacting with people via email, rather than connecting with them by phone.  This is not something I am proud of, it is definitely an area I am trying to improve upon.  As I picked up the phone recently I became extremely aware of how significant that voice to voice connection is to both the customer and myself.  Those receiving my call were pleasantly surprised I had reached out to them.  And when I am the one answering the call my clients cannot believe it’s actually “me” fielding calls and not an employee.  Yep folks believe it or not it’s just little old me in my studio now that my red-headed assistant got a new job.  Yeah and boo all at the same time…

Bottom line–hearing someones voice, the tone in which they are speaking and having the capability to exchange words “VERBALLY” is huge!

Having an online business does allow me to work with customer but in a different way.  Now, I utilize my blog , and newsletter to reach out to peers, and those in quilting community. Since I’m always striving to improve I’m also working on implementing more tutorials!

Speaking of tutorials thank you so much for all the kind words about my Baptist Fan tutorial.  It really makes my job rewarding when I hear how much viewers appreciate and benefit from my videos.  If there is something in particular you would like to see demonstrated let me know!

Has anyone struggled with finding a balance in communicating with customers? If you have found a balance what’s your secret? And don’t say you remember EVERYTHING!


4 thoughts on “Did You Hear Me?

  1. Dear Lisa,

    Today’s blog post (Did You Hear Me?) resonated with me and, with your permission, I’d like to link it to my blog (www.WarmQuilts.com)

    Thank you very much for your consideration. Esther at WarmQuilts.com

    On Fri, May 12, 2017 at 12:04 PM, Lisa H Calle’s Blog wrote:

    > lisahcalle posted: ” What is a business without good communication? > There is none. How vital is communication with our customers? It’s pretty > darn vital. I know that when I was quilting for customers, I composed an > intake sheet that allowed me to notat” >

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I just want to second your emphasis on good communication with clients as a longarmer! My background in healthcare leadership has given me lots of experience with communication skills, planning and organizing, and dealing with people of all styles. After my husband and I bought out his business, I shifted gears from healthcare to a longarmer for hire. (Yay!) I can’t tell you the number of quilt clients who share their disappointment in previous quilter’s communication and/or level of organization…and compliment the level of detail and thoroughness that I strive for with them. I think it’s a nonnegotiable! It feel it shows them the respect that they and their project deserve.

    My hope for all longarmers is that if we remember the basics of being polite regardless of text/phone/email, using good documentation for our notes and planning, being mindful of client preferences, and communicating and updating clients on progress or changes to the schedule, we can continue to elevate the profession.

    One note on how I document and remember things…I use MQBM program for scheduling and documenting quilts, and an iPad Pro with Adobe Sketch when designing with clients. A picture of the quilt with some drawings right on the picture of the ideas we talk about and the details of thread color, batting, etc… priceless. Also, I prefer to take the quilt in closer to the scheduled date and not too far ahead… helps keep my meetings and conversations fresh in my memory!

    Thanks for letting me share,

  3. Total agreement with you. Coming from a peri military background were you must have a paper trail as a backup for all transactions as an just in case it might be needed as a backup when dealing with personnel and/or citizens. This is always a good practice to not only have an email backup but also to use you email setting to make files for each customer. Respond with BBAC so you have all copies of not only their requests but your responses.
    Trust me after a while it’s good for our poor over worked brains…or maybe just mine!! LMAO!!!

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