“Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens”


We all have a “few” of our favorite things. Those items that, if they went MIA,  would have us completely paralyzed from doing anything productive.  For me, there are those very obvious things like my longarm, and sewing machine that undoubtedly would prevent me from moving forward each day.  But in pondering the less obtuse items, there are three  favorite things that come to mind:

My Grandmother’s Thimble

 When I received my grandmother’s thimble I was thrilled to have such a pretty memento. To me thimbles weren’t a necessity to quilting. I felt they were very cute, and made nice, tiny decorative piece; but useful…no  I mean, really, how could a small piece of metal situated on your finger really become an instant force field?  Well, was I enlightened to the thimble’s importance! I felt like Mel Gibson in Brave Heart when I finally chose to spare my finger tips from being murdered by potential needle jousting. My fingertips and heart thank my grandmother on a daily basis!

Needle Threader 

 Even my red-headed assistant wants one of these (for those very, very rare occasions she needs to replace a button).  Once she saw me use this little gadget she was in awe and was very tempted to walk out of the studio that afternoon with mine in her bag.  No, replacing a button was NOT on her to-do list that evening she just fell in love with this handy-dandy device.  But for those true sewers, like me, I am happy to know that in a mere blink of an eye my needle will be threaded.  I can cast away those reading glasses, and wasted time making sure I am in a nicely lit area, this mini machine gets it done.  Since revealing this item to Drea I have kept a watchful eye out to ensure mine doesn’t go missing.  I might just bite the bullet and get her one for that once a year use.


Okay, so this little beauty is so important that I felt simply posting a picture and writing a brief description would not do it justice.

Karen Kay Buckley’s Thread Bag

Karla’s Amazing Cherrywood Fabric

I have no affiliation with either of these two wonderful ladies…. Just love their products!!

  There you have it quilting friends, a couple of MY favorite things.


Now I know YOU have a couple of Favorite Things.   So please, do tell!


11 thoughts on ““Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens”

  1. As much as I hate to admit it, my trusty, inexpensive Dritz seam ripper and are inseparable. Also love my Kai scissors.

  2. My rotary cutter is definitely something I could not live without. I could not ever imagine having to cut out 100+ triangles, squares, etc with scissors!

  3. What a pretty gold(?) thimble! You are lucky to have such a personal memento of your grandmother’s. I belong to Thimble Collectors International, so my eyes perked up when I saw the thimble. If it has a maker’s mark on it, I could probably help you identify the maker.

  4. I can’t sew without my custom home made sewing machine table and I love my thread spool holders I made many years ago. Gotta have a couple of good pairs of left handed scissors. Tone on tone fabrics adorn my shelves waiting to be patted. I think after my table, Adobe Illustrator is my favourite quilting tool. Have a great day!

  5. Lisa, i think you are FABULOUS! I love your work, your imagination and you seem to be such a cheerful lady! (Not one of those stuck on yourself type)
    I love my LED flexible strip lights under my machine arm. I bought these about six years ago and now i can see so well without a million lights hovering over me. As for a needle threader….id love to learn more about yours. I use 11 and 12 milliners for my binding and havent found a threader that will thread them yet…so i struggle, sometimes 20 minutes, with Aurifil cut on an angle…

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