Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Perfect Piecing + Flawless Stitching = The Impossible

My current project is slowly, and I mean slowly coming along.  As I plug away every now and then I will stand back and scan the small progress I have made AND analyze my work.  When I say “analyze” I mean scrutinize every tiny minuscule stitch and aspect of my quilt.  Which has now led me to discovering a part of the design that does not appear exactly the way I feel it should.


 Rather than remaining stressed over a small mishap that I had observed due to my OCD of going over the project with a magnifying glass; I need to move on.  Is anyone going to be aware of my mistake? Not unless I tell them, right?!





Nope, no one will see that itsy, bitsy, teeny, tiny, imperfection when they view the quilt in its entirety.  Yes, I will forever know where that flaw resides, but I cannot sweat the small stuff.  Life is way too short.  And if I constantly chose to sweat the small stuff in my studio, OMG, I would achieve zip, zero, zilch! Besides the fact that I would be very unproductive, I also believe that those small imperfections allows me to perfect who I want to become.  So I pick my battles and strive to choose the ones that really matter!

And remember no one but you has to be in on that little “flaw”!

9 thoughts on “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

  1. Lisa, I noticed your basting on the photographed red quilt. I baste across every 10 inches or so and the edges. I see that you do a grid. I’d like your input. Basting has helped a lot. But, maybe more basting would help more. Thanks


  2. My husband always asks why “if you need a magnifying glass to pick it out… will anyone else really see it?” Maybe he has a point. 🙂

      • If it will bother you that much…rip it out….otherwise leave it alone…it will make friends with the rest of the quilt.

  3. I find it interesting that just about every quilter I have chatted with about their quilt will quickly point out their mistakes…like I would notice!! Except me as a newbie…I thought it was gorgeous – and so it is!!

  4. Has taken me 20 years but I have adopted the galloping horse policy. Would anyone see the flaw from 30 yards riding by on a galluping horse? I find that finished is far better than striving for perfect. Perfect is just a fictitious word in quilting.

  5. I find it interesting how many people will point out their mistakes on a quilt….I always tell them that we would never notice it…till they tell us! I keep my flaws to myself and after a while I can’t find them! Works for me.

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