Well Hello New Hampshire!


Manchester, New England will never be the same after these girls claim their territory in booth 188!  Classes, vending, and lots of fun are creating a few days of quilters heaven!

Kicked off MQX with a Totally Templates Class

What a great way to begin my time here in New Hampshire.  There’s nothing better than starting the Quilting Show with a class that consists of amazing students eager to learn!

I was extremely proud to give my Teacher’s Ribbon to:

Marie Alexander from Groton MA


BUSY, BUSY, BUSY…What a Great Machine Quilting Show!

Judy and I have been on the go; teaching and also vending in booth 188!  Meeting, educating and sharing all that Quilter’s Groove Rulers have to offer to those who quilt, these last few days have been a whirlwind of events.  But with all the incredible individuals we encounter each day we can’t help but smile and realize how lucky we are!

Did I mention we have been busy? Did I mention how much I love sharing my craft with fellow quilters?  This adventure to New Hampshire has been simply marvelous!

Are you in town? If so please stop by and say hello! If you have attended MQX over the past few days I’d love to hear what you’ve done and if you enjoyed your time in Manchester!

8 thoughts on “Well Hello New Hampshire!

  1. I had the pleasure of taking a class from you a few years ago at MQX in NH. Loved the class and MQX. Have since moved to GA and it’s a little far for me. Hope to catch another class from you sometime!

  2. And Lisa, we are so happy that you love to SHARE!!!! After 15 years of longarm quilting…mostly custom… I finally tried microstipple!!!! Thanks for the video on that and for all of your helpful tools, templates, books and dvd’s. And of course all of your quilts that inspire. They have all been great. Thanks again for all you do😀 I am always watching for what you come up with next.

  3. Hi I was MQX today and got to meet you, which was a real surprise and a great honor. Love your beautiful quilting.. I was trying to decide which ruler I needed to buy. So many to choose from and hard to know quite where to start. Think I’ll be ordering online very soon.

  4. Wonderful to meet you after following you online, you are so kind and I wanted to thank you for all your help in choosing my new quilting rulers!!! I wish you the best of luck in the future!!

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