Oh Far I’ve Come


It feels like just yesterday I planted the tiny seedling to begin my quilting journey.  It is truly surreal to think how far this quilter has come over the past 13 years.  So let’s take a little peek at my first design and catch a glimpse of the “then and now”.

Playing Hookie

Easy peasy piecing on this project.  As I examine the piecing on this quilt it looks so basic compared to that of what I construct on some of my current designs.  My fabric choice was much different back then, obviously much more “earthy” than what I find myself gravitating towards when purchasing material today.


Red Velvet

My colors are a little brighter, and I began stepping out of my “structured box” a tad.  Obviously the color choice has lightened up a bit too.  I was  gradually beginning to embrace what I “liked” to do when it came to creating a design.  It’s so hard to let go of the “conservative” and safe way of crafting.

Hula Hibiscus

I’d say that this really shows how I’ve “matured” as a designer.  I’ve definitely stepped into my own quilting arenas I  embraced my individual style. The piecing has become more intricate, and the fabric selection incorporates brighter material.  I am dumbfounded at how much I have transitioned over the years into the quilter I am today.  Never in a million, bizallion, years would I have thought I’d be proud of my work and love my personal style.  That is not to say that I am all grown up.   

Quilting life lesson 450 million:  Growth will be a forever process for me, and I am more than okay with that idea.  I cannot fathom to see where my growth will take me another 10 years from now!

How have you grown since the first steps of your quilting journey? How as your quilting changed?

6 thoughts on “Oh Far I’ve Come

  1. Well done, Lisa! I have changed a lot too. I learnt the standard techniques (23 years ago) and then applied them to the kinds of quilts I wanted to make. I have never followed the crowd or jumped on the latest craze. The two major techniques that have driven my quilting life are learning Cynthia England’s picture piecing to make any pictorial quilt in the easiest of ways and machine quilting, of course! They have freed me and unleashed my creativity in ways I’d never thought I’d ever accomplish. It’s great to see how far we all come in our journeys. Have a great day!

  2. Your work has certainly become more complex with time, Lisa, but you’ve obviously always had a good design sense. I especially love Hula Hibiscus–your quilting is magnificent! I always thought I would only piece, but I have grown to love hand applique, and now do both. It’s fun to try different techniques. Some are keepers, and others, well, I tried them.

  3. Beautiful work always! I started with kits or block of the month patterns, but I always felt I needed to “change” something, a block, a border, or a piped binding! Something to make it “mine”!

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