Social Media Take Two



I am really pushing the social media button, but that’s okay.  Without social media where would I/we be? Therefore, I am a HUGE advocate of uniting with my quilting community by means of social media in order to enhance my craft. Yes, networking is a fundamental part of my profession.


But let’s face it, its intimidating when we see other quilters also using Facebook, Snapchat, and Tweeter.  Trust me, after seeing what “Sewing Susie” has posted I feel undeniably “less than”.  Her style seems better, photos of what she has completed are simply breath-taking and she is circulating ideas and achievements that I know are on my someday list.


This mind-set deters me from posting any “new” projects because I feel I cannot compete with “Sewing Susie”.  With a little self therapy (yes, that would be talking to my dog and quilting friends) I’ve learned a little something about “Sewing Susie”!


Sewing Susie is NOT perfect!

As stated above no one is perfect! Sewing Susie is very smart, she is going to post her best!  That includes her best quilts, her best accomplishments, basically anything that she feels falls into the “best” category.  The fact that we are all human has us yearning to show the world our supreme masterpieces and triumphs.  So when it comes to social media why would Sewing Susie volunteer anything less?  I am constantly reminding myself that what I perceive on my computer doesn’t imply that I am an unworthy participant . We are all worthy of posting.  Don’t let Sewing Susie take up your mental space in regards to sharing your quilting accomplishments or thoughts.  Enjoy viewing post from those in the quilting arena. Focus on gaining some insight that will encourage you to create and inspire you to be the best you can be.

It’s Okay to be a WIP, I am!


Step aside Sewing Susie, and make room for Lisa who loves being a “WIP”.  I embrace being a WIP full heartedly, and I love sharing the ups and downs of my quilting journey.  Believe it or not I find it less of a burden knowing I’m willing to share my many flaws!

And if all else fails try saying this five times fast:

“Sewing Susie stipples sucky samples.”

Hey, who knows this might be just what you need to get your mental space headed in a positive direction!

Is anyone else out there a “WIP”?  Or does the name “Sewing Susie” have you intimated of taking a step in the internet world of connecting with quilters?


16 thoughts on “Social Media Take Two

  1. We are all “WIPs” whether we believe it or not….we learn more everyday…. even the “Sewing Susie’s”

  2. Sewing Susie is impressive….but is she stressed, always needing to ‘ up her game’ .?Does she enjoy what she is doing , or has she gotten to the place where she feels she is always having to impress others.? That’s no fun!

  3. No one is perfect, enjoy the process and see what you come up with. Thanks Lisa for all that I got out of your classes. My mojo came back from vacation.

  4. When I first started quilting I would compare my quilting to that of a well-known, highly decorated, book-writing quilter and I never measured up in those first years…sigh. Then I saw I quilt that this “pedestalled” had quilted for a customer in a show, with a blue ribbon on it…the back of the quilt was also shown off…there was a small tuck in the backing that either the judge didn’t see or figured it didn’t matter! Now I love to see what other quilters are doing – I get some great ideas from them – but I only compare myself to me, because even though we share the great highway that is quilting, my road is the only one I’m ever going to be on so it is the only one I can compare myself to! Happy WIP here!!

  5. Hi Lisa. I enjoy a challenge and look to others for inspiration but in the end I only need to please me. The goal is to enjoy what I am creating and learn something new along the way. Louise

  6. Being honest with you, it makes me feel good to know that quilters of your caliber are not perfect. I don’t feel so intimidated – like when I see amazing work but know that I can never reach that level – to know that they also aren’t always perfect is a huge confidence boost. Love your posts.

  7. Its easy to get caught up in the ‘I’m not good enough GAME’…but we all need to remember that CRAFTING is a uniquely one person perspective; what looks beautiful to me may only look good to the next and downright awful to another! If you like it, then it is beautiful, if not quite what your imagination envisioned, then you missed your ‘inner voices cue!’ Make for yourself, not for the masses, crowds or critics! If it makes you happy then main goal has been met!!!

  8. Hi Lisa,
    I am definitely a WIP. I love to go on Instagram to see all the beautiful quilts created by fabulous quilters. I would get so inspired but I was very scared to post my own pics of my quilts because I it seemed the bar was set so high. But then I took a leap of faith and just said…”what the heck”! I got so much encouragement and praise…it was enlightening for sure. This year I have gathered enough courage to start doing Youtube tutorials called “Tool Tuesday” and my very first video was reviewing your wonderful Pro rulers. I’m learning that videotaping is time consuming but the payoff is worth it ;-).

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