Social Media Take One



Facebook, Tweeter, Snapchat, and Pinterest are just a few of the many social media sources that we all utilize to share our business and craft of quilting.  The internet is amazing in providing us with the such ample opportunities to connect with one another.  I did say amazing, but the word “amazing” encompasses the amazingly good, the amazingly  bad and the amazingly ugly!

I love providing information, and instruction for peers in this arena that would like to enhance their quilting skills.  I recently have taken to trying out Facebook Live as a different approach to sharing my work rather than simply posting to Facebook or Youtube.


 All we want to do is share in a positive manner, correct? Well, this where we leave the “amazingly good” and step into the “amazingly bad” and “amazingly ugly”.

I am extremely lucky to have such a responsive group of followers.  Most of whom provided me with incredible insight on what they have experienced after viewing or reading my material on social media.  However, there are those that feel the need to express certain opinions, or statements that have me wondering “Didn’t their elders teach them that if they can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”?  Apparently they didn’t absorb that little life lesson.  Constructive criticism is part of life, that I get, and that I truly appreciate.  However, social media does open up Pandora’s Box and allows those random few to spread negativity into my sites.  This is where we notice the amazingly ugly.

I’d like to say:


That’s right, I politely say no thank you to those that insist on using my social media as a soap box for their little thoughts.  If I wanted your unkind opinions and comments I would ask for them. I do not.

And secondly:


I purposely provide videos and informational posts on various social media that won’t cost anyone a dime, nickel or penny.  Close the tab, screen, whatever and one would be “Lisa Free”!

So to all those lovely social media resources that I have implemented into my business, I am grateful for all the connections I have made and continue to make on a daily basis.   But to all my viewers I would like to remind everyone that it is “my” sandbox.  I am more than happy to invite anyone who is willing to play nicely to join me.  If you aren’t going to play nice then stay away from “Lisa’s” sandbox!


15 thoughts on “Social Media Take One

  1. Well said! When I read rude comments made via the anonymity of the internet, I am stunned. Do people behave this way in their “real” life? Or are they using vicious attacks on the internet to make up for their perceived powerlessness in “real” life where they dare not speak out in such a way to those they see as “better” then they are? Poor miserable souls…but they need to put a sock in it!

  2. I think that the comparative anonymity of the internet leads people to do and say things they wouldn’t in a face-to-face situation. It’s awful. I sincerely hope you’ll continue to do your wonderful videos and posts; they’re valuable to the vast majority of us. The others should just click away and find something that pleases them.

  3. I can’t imagine anyone criticizing you! You have been such a significant teacher in my journey of learning/loving quilting!! I so appreciate your creative mind and your ability to share what you know!!! I personally cannot THANK-YOU enough!!!! I will take names and numbers of those who have have anything to say otherwise!!! (but I have to say I’m probably not very scary – but I’ll try real hard!!!!)

  4. Hi Lisa I totally agree I have even been on some block-of-the months where some only complained. The good news is that other members told them to shush and enjoy the lessons!

  5. Agree with 100 %. Love your work and appreciate you sharing. Someone who does not appreciate what you do should simply say nothing.

  6. Very nicely stated Lisa. I often wonder about these people who always have negative comments. I bet you their own shadows don’t like to be around them because they can’t ever be nice in their comments or actions.

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