I ain’t doing that!!!



When I began quilting, I chose fairly subdued fabrics.  I had a tendency to lean towards blues, browns. burgundy’s; and gravitated towards material that displayed busy prints.  Oh and the busier the better; bring on the BUSY for this designer.  Over time my quilting journey has me constantly evolving, and I’ve discovered new likes and dislikes.  Those super busy prints that I was a fanatic about has lost it’s luster.  I now find that my choices in fabric has followed a new path.  I am now drawn towards materials that possess bright colors and has me wearing a smile as I gaze upon them.  The grin on my face quickly spreads from ear to ear as my mind is filled with incredible design possibilities.  What amazing creation will find its way onto this amazing fabric?   Therefore, it probably won’t surprise anyone to hear that I now LOVE solid colors that will really show off the quilting.  Why lose all that hard work of quilting  amidst a chaotic print?  In conclusion not only has my ideal fabric palate changed dramatically; but my appetite for super busy prints has diminished drastically.  I guess you could say it I don’t have any appetite for busy prints. Less is more!

During one of my many stepping stone through quilting many moons ago,  I had witnessed customers as they entered the shop and browse for their “appliqué” project.  If that wasn’t bad enough, these delicate ears would hear that these clients were searching for their “HAND” appliqué project.  I wanted to yell “Hello? Isn’t that why God invented sewing machines?!”  For the love of Pete, Hand work takes so much longer! I swore I WOULD NEVER do that!

Center Medallion designed by Ronda Beyer

First machine Applique  Center Medallion designed by Ronda K Scott

I was soon eating my works, and have since learned “never say never”.  I admittedly LOVE appliqué and really love hand appliqué. Never in a million, bazillion years would I have thought this quilter would yearn to sit and hand sew.  The craft of appliqué and hand appliqué bestows such a calming effect that I find it very therapeutic. I know who would have thought? Definitely not me!

New Project

Which has me thinking that I’m long overdue and need to start another hand project!

My question to you fellow quilters is:  Has there been something in quilting that you never thought you would enjoy doing and now love? It’s okay to admit that we all have said “I’D NEVER”.   Then eventually life has us kicking ourselves as we think “NEVER say NEVER”!

18 thoughts on “I ain’t doing that!!!

  1. Hand appliqué was my “never ever”. I now love hand appliqué. In fact, I think I like it better than sitting at my machine. I’ve joined my family again while they watch sports and I can bring it to work on at lunch, during wait times, etc.

  2. Anything by hand was, and still is, my no no. If I can’t do it on the machine, I don’t do it. Except maybe the occasional label – I prefer to put them on by machine before I quilt, but sometimes that just doesn’t work.

  3. Hmm, I might run out of fingers to count all the quilty things I once said I would NEVER do. One thing that bit the dust a long time ago was using the back side of a fabric. Another was hand appliqué. I now find it very soothing. Another was quilting by check. I only did that once, but it was worth it. Quilting feathers was something else I thought I’d never do. Now I think they’re easy. You get the idea. I try to stay away from that “never” word now.

  4. This morning I took a class in foundation paper piecing. I never said “never” about it, but I never had a lot of interest, either. Mostly the notion of removing all those paper bits threw me off. Still, it’s a skill to add to the tool kit, yes? So I got over my attitude and signed up for the class. Well, it is a pretty fussy technique, isn’t it? And you do have to remove those paper bits, adding to the fuss. But much to my surprise I found it fun. So, I might be a convert!

  5. I have never liked hand work of any kind…never did, still don’t. I’ll do applique by machine, not by hand (love fusible). However, I am doing a ton of hand work on a cathedral window type of quilt, but only because my skill at doing them by machine is not even close to the results I am getting by hand.

  6. Hi Lisa: I also say “never say never”. I was afraid of hand quilting and hand applique. Our local guild makes a raffle quilt every two years for our show. I finally volunteered to do a few blocks–all by hand and I enjoyed it! L

  7. Whenever I hear “never say never”, I think of the James Bond movie “Never Say Never Again” (thanks to my husband who is a Bond-a-holic). I would say my whole quilting journey has been trying things I never thought I would. I originally started making quilts 100% by hand work. I didn’t even own a machine. Now it’s all 100% by machine…although I often will hand stitch a binding as a way to reduce my stress when needed.

  8. I swore I would never do needle turn hand applique work after attempting a project in 2005. I blew up the pattern 200%, fused it down, did the appliqueing with invisible thread on my long arm and had it finished while I still labored on my small piece. Fast forward to this month when I finished my 25 block + borders hand appliqued and hand quilted 100 x 100 quilt top. I even have a trunk show titled, The Long arm Quilter who Hand Quilts”. I adore needle turn and also still love doing fusible, machine stitched. I also like several flavors of ice cream, not just chocolate and vanilla!

  9. Like you, I swore I’d never do hand applique until a quilting friend said she’d teach me her secrets of applique if I would teach her my binding secrets. We both are now hooked on the sharing and using of “secret techniques”. My first hand applique project was the QOV used as my photo id.

  10. I never thought I would be quilting because I hated sewing machines and they hated me. Once I learned how they work I am enjoying sewing. I now have 3 sewing machines a sit-down mid-arm and a longarm. I guess I’m over my fear of sewing machines!

  11. Never in my lifetime did I think I would handquilt! Now two years after getting my long arm, I love to hand quilt. Just mini projects, mind you, but sometimes I just need a mindless, sedentary project.

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