Don’t Skimp on Warming Up!


THIS Mrs. Incredible Stretches a Bit Differently

Ah yes, wouldn’t it be amazing if we all had the ability to put our “Incredible” suit on prior to our day of quilting?  Unfortunately, we are not lucky enough to possess such powers!  When I began quilting I didn’t even consider the idea of stretching.  However, now that I am a little older (and I mean JUST a little older), and MUCH wiser I make an effort to stretch my shoulders and back before and after working in the studio.

Here are some of the stretches that I have implemented into my quilting routine:

You may need to alter your choice of stretches, since we all quilt a little differently as we develop our own technique and style.  Those exercises that will be the most beneficial to you will depend on which areas of your body absorbs the most tension.


Regardless of how long you plan  to work on a design, don’t neglect to stretch!  I doubt there is one quilter that can’t relate to the physical toll our bodies endure from this craft!

What pre game exercise do you incorporate into your quilting time?

4 thoughts on “Don’t Skimp on Warming Up!

  1. Thanks for the great poses for stretching! I will often grab my belly bar, with my feet close to the frame, and stick my honkytonk-badonkadonk out to stretch our my shoulders and back. After a long day of quilting, I’ll go and hang upside down for a bit to try to stretch everything back into place.

  2. I want to thank you for posting the stretching link. I have been plagued with neck, shoulder and back pain for a couple years. PT hasn’t solved the problem after months of visits. I started stretching this morning and will continue to do so. THANK YOU for posting.

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