What’s on your Bucket List??

I want to and I will…..

We all acquire that “Quilting Bucket List” during our quilting journey that is composed of items we will eventually possess, people we will one day meet, and places that we will one day find ourselves visiting.  If we are fortunate throughout our quilting careers, we make choices that allow us to slowly cross off those Bucket List wishes.  And inevitably there are those people,things and places that feel as though they will forever be displayed on our “Some Day” list.

For me, the biggest “want to”and “have to” is attending the Tokyo International Quilt Festival!  At this point I cannot fathom the idea of participating in that event.  Thoughts of going to that country immediately has me feeling like a child yearning to walk through the gates of Disney World.  Yes I would fly approximately 6,200 miles or almost 15 hours for that quilt show.

Why is it on my bucket list?  Well for one I would love to immerse myself in that culture, if only for a brief period of time.  Secondly the mere size of this event gets me giddy.  I thought Houston was the biggest quilt show in the world but apparently this is Houston Quilt Festival on steroids.  Thirdly, the Japanese work is exquisite.  I mean really, words do not do their designs and workmanship any justice.  And lastly, who doesn’t want to get out of Pottstown PA during the month of January? Hanging out in my little town of possible snow and yuck weather or being in a quilting haven where you get to hang around beautiful pieces and fabric, and amazing talent?  I believe it’s a no brainer.


So do you have a Quilting Bucket List? What is you Must Do?


7 thoughts on “What’s on your Bucket List??

  1. mine are more down to earth like learning to dye fabrics and such. Right now I am pretty much in a designer mode but I can’t wait to take a few months to put my artist hat on after the 2017 Toronto quilt expo. Also there is a bachelor in Textile and material at Concordia university it is really calling my name !!!! Even if it take me 10 years to have my diploma…

  2. I live in Houston, so I go to IQF every year. However, as a student of Japanese culture and language for two years in college, I also want to fly ungodly amount of hours to visit the country, stay in a ryokan (Japanese-style hotel), eat Japanese food (sushi, soba noodles, teppanyaki), and utilize the very few words of Japanese that I know (Otearai wa doko desu ka? Where is the toilet?). I was thinking a trip to the Tokoyo Summer Olympics in 2020, but a quilt show might be a better event to go see. Definitely easier to get into the main event! Before you mentioned this, my bucket list had only included going up to Sisters, Oregon, for the outdoor show and a Drunkard’s Path quilt.

  3. I really enjoy the Houston show, so the idea of going to an even larger one with oodles of exquisite Japanese quilts is fantastic; I’d love to do it. In addition, my bucket list (or “dream on” list) would include a larger room for my quilting! Other than that, I’m pretty lucky, so I’m mostly content. 🙂

  4. I’ve been to the Birmingham International Quilt show with 4 quilting buddies from Florida and 2 from England and it was eye-opening!!! I want to go to the Sidney Quilt Show…mostly to be able to see more of Australia!!!

  5. Houston has always been on my bucket list – I’ll get there one year! Actually I would love to hang out with you for the day and watch you quilt! That would probably be better and more fun than Houston! (lol)

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