Quilting Time for “Me”



Life is a juggling act!

Household chores, taxing children to and from afterschool activities, inquiring whether homework has been completed, paying bills, boy oh boy the “to do” list is endless. The hours in a day seem to fly by and the allotted  time required to get all those necessary duties accomplished disappears!  Needless to say many of us feel as though we are running in a hamster wheel.unknown-45





Making time for the craft of quilting, that we all love to do, is a challenge! Moreover, those of us that have chosen to make our hobby into a business means carving out personal sewing moments is even more difficult to achieve.


How do you manage your time? What makes your time management successful?  Let us in on your secret and maybe you can help others achieve a better sense of balance!



6 thoughts on “Quilting Time for “Me”

  1. Oh my…add a new puppy to the mix…and a full time job. Its a wonder I get anything done! Retreats are my only saviour!
    I have 3 a year that I partake of. A weekend at a hotel away from home. It is bliss!

  2. I just decided that things I don’t like to do need to go out the window! House cleaning was first on the list! I took the plunge started having someone clean the house for me (one of the best decisions of my life)! I stopped making gourmet meals, now it is simple or don’t eat! I work full time so I have to protect every precious moment I have!

  3. What is “Balance your Time”? I have finally retired, and find that I still don’t have time to do everything. Mind you, I do tend to procrastinate a lot.

  4. It is all about priorities. When I had children at home, dog and DH working shifts the craft had to give. Squeezed in 10 min here and there and mostly handwork or went on a retreat which did not always happen after all due to DH work. Now in retirement I don’t cook much – crockpot meals and frozen veg is easy, not much cleaning gets done either but my sewing, embroidery and quilting are at the top. Perhaps because it got postponed for so many years I am very determined not to waste what time I have.

  5. I have often said I am a professional juggler, which is more appropriate than when I listed my career as a trophy wife (we had just moved & I wasn’t committed to new community) since I am short, dark & married 40 years. Carving time out for quilting is a challenge; stopping once I get started is harder. Deadlines help make quilting time commitment easier.

  6. I have a full time job that I work at Monday thru Friday, along with a part time job. My youngest grandson comes over before school two mornings a week, so my time is precious. I get up at 6:00 am to bike for about 20-30 minutes, shower, and get breakfast. Then get into my sewing room for 30-40 minutes. (I set a timer, so we’re not late for school or work.) I feel I get a lot accomplished by cutting and sewing a few seams each morning. By doing this I can get a quilt top done on a weekend.

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