It Could Use a Little TLC


My studio, my special haven from the rest of the world where I spend 99.9999% of each day, could use a little TLC.  I would venture to say that my work space would beg and plead for a bit of love if it had the ability to do so.  Now I’m not indicating that I should apply to be on one of those HGTV shows that would come in and gut my studio in order to make it look like a quilters dream room.  images-91 No things aren’t that bad, at least not yet.  But I would agree that if I had to pick one aspect of my studio that I could improve upon it would be bringing “organization” into these four walls.  I know where my materials and tools are generally located, I could easily find them blindfolded (I think); BUT obtaining them more efficiently wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.  AND having fabric, rulers, shipping materials etc., displayed in a manner that was aesthetically pleasing to the eye would be a bonus!  Overall I am quite confident that bringing that one word, organization, into this studio would infuse a calmer energy during each work day.

This might just have to go on my 2017 “to do” list, or is that what red-headed assistants are hired for?  OR maybe Jo Jo and Chip Gaines will feel adventurous and find themselves traveling to Pottstown PA to give this quilter some “Fixer Upper” pointers?

Unrealistic I know, but a girl can dream can’t she?!



Is there an aspect of your quilting work space that needs to be improved upon, or changed?


14 thoughts on “It Could Use a Little TLC

  1. I can understand. We are renovating prior to downsizing our home.. I have had to pack up all my sewing and have had to re evaluate what I feel I need to keep. I am passing on a lot of the materials that I feel I can no longer use. Downside is that I feel frustrated at not being able to sew.

  2. I am going to sound like someones mom…. but aside from organization, we have to put things back/away…. in the assigned place if we want to stay organized. The other thing we need to know about ourselves is how we categorize and if we are visual or contained? I have to be able to see …. A closed labeled shoe box full of stuff is just a shoe box full of stuff, (for me), but a clear box with a label (SHARPS [for all sharp cutting implements-extra scissors, exacto knives, rotary cutter blades, mat cutter, etc]), helps me to find and put them away. I have one for Adhesives, Needles, Pins, Thimbles, Scraps (several all labeled with the type or size), you get the idea. I hang the rulers… and keep an spin organizer (mine is from Pampered Chef) on the table for the small implements (pencils, pens, rotary cutters, scissors… bodkin, purple thang, etc). I can usually lay my hands on what I want and put it away pretty fast too. Not saying that the space doesn’t get out of control… it does, but putting it to rights is pretty simple… once you have it organized.

    • I am so jealous. I also like to be able to see things or I will never use them. I just have trouble with the putting away… I get to it eventually but not always right away. Maybe I need to work on that.

    • I had a good friend who is a great organizer help me organize my room…but it still gets away from me…..just need to pick up and put it where it belongs and why do I have so much stuff????? I love what I do…

      • I hear ya. Judy helps me organize but I have trouble putting things back where they belong and if something doesn’t have a home I seem to just stash it anywhere.

  3. I get JoJo and Chip first! I’m only two hours away from them and I have a dream that they will come do my house, too! Organization is my word for the year and I’ve started off in my sewing haven. I sold my domestic machine frame that was really nothing more than a fabric hanger and am putting in shelving galore. The open cube kind from IKEA is perfect for me to see my stash and tools and hopefully easy to put stuff away too. Good luck on your organizing cause it sure is a mess until it is settled again.

  4. My problem is space, or lack of it. I am fairly organized but cluttered as I have baskets of fabric with no place to put them. How can I pull out colors from my stash then not have room to put the leftover fabric back in the stash? It just keeps growing.

  5. I buy containers, I buy shelves, I organize this and that, but I still have those fold-away 4-foot tables that I sew and cut on because there is no room to leave them up permanently. So the sewing room configuration is always in flux. I need a bigger space or less stuff. Right now, I’m leaning towards bigger space… 😉

  6. My Innova longarm machine requires 16 x 8 feet of space. I had to get creative with the balance of space. Went to Sam’s Club and bought a work bench and matching butcher block table, that looks like it belongs in my husband’s auto shop. The work bench has drawers, hold tools and lots of batiks and a center shelf that holds small template rulers and miscellaneous machine items. I backed the table up to the work bench matching height of both units to provide a cutting table, and since I like standing up to piece/sew ,my Janome Horizon. A matching rolling cart holds Innova tools and residual batiks in the drawers. The 7 bookcases hold fabric and one holds books. I have a love seat and an easy chair with doorstop and barely enough room for my 60″ Proctor Silex ironing board that I bought in 1962. My Patterns are in a two drawer lateral file cabinet. I’m thinking an overhead potrack would be great for hanging my most used rulers above the cutting area. I don’t know what I’d do without my dual design wall. I really am blessed.

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