These Are the Quilts of Our Lives

Drea just asked me what quilting reminds me of?  I suppose she thought we would start off the week with a little soul-searching.  Hmm, as I stare outside and take in the Seattle-like weather my first forethought is that since my mother wasn’t a quilter, nor my grandmother I can’t say that quilting brings back fond memories quilting by the fire with those two individuals. Now I must put on my thinking cap.

So what DOES quilting remind me of?  After pondering this deep question my response is a Soap Opera, yep definitely a Soap Opera.  I would name my daytime television drama “Quilts of Our Lives“.






The Couple  images-77

Just like my favorite couple, Bo and Hope’s relationship was one of committment, even through kidnappings, and multiple marriages, they still remained together.  When I am working on a samples, or other projects I strive to have a monogamous relationship. I might have interruptions due to other events and family activities but that project is what I am eager to return to and reconnect where we left off.

The Villain       unknown-41

Ah, there is always at least one.  That individual, Stefano Dimera, who stirs the pot and spreads evilness wherever he goes.  Those moments in quilting where I must deal with pins are my villain.  I try my hardest to avoid pins at all cost, but on occasion they weasel their way into a project.  I dread their existence and pray my time using them is short-lived.

The One that Leave Only to Return

images-79Yes, Sami Brady was that girl who we “loved to hate”.  She came  and went, and then what do you know she reappeared!  I have one word, UFO .  I could easily compare a UFO to Sami.  For the love of Pete it’s a troublesome project that I just can’t finish, so it gets put away.  And then HELLO it makes a reveal shouting “Here I am, you can’t forget about me!” and just like that I attempt to focus on my relationship with these projects.

Twist, Turns and Surprises!

images-80Do you ever really know what is going to happen with who, what, where, when and how?  Absolutely not, the story is forever changing, new characters enter, old characters leave, and the unimaginable seems to bring a roller coaster ride to those that watch the show.  That is my world of quilting.  You can never predict how the day is going to go, is the fabric going to cooperate, will the bobbin run out, will I even like what I see appearing in front of me.  The ideas you thought you were going to create often evolve into something completely different from what you initially thought.

Most definitely I could compose a story line for “These are the Quilts of Our Lives”.  And just maybe if I composed it just right it would win a Daytime Emmy from all my quilting viewers.

What does quilting remind you of?


4 thoughts on “These Are the Quilts of Our Lives

  1. Quilting (any phase of it) is the TimeWarp Vampire! I have learned to never even go into my quilting room if I have something cooking on the stove or in the oven…I will burn it and maybe set the house on fire. I just ran up for just a minute, I swear! I have learned to keep better track of time spent up there by the length of the TV shows I am listening to or the CD playing, but occasionally my DH will scare me to death by coming in to announce that dinner is ready! He worked all day, came home to discover I was AWOL, and still makes dinner for me…but I could swear it is only about 3:00 PM…it certainly couldn’t be 8:00 PM!! It is as bad as reading quilting blogs and realize that 6 hours have passed!!!

  2. The Highlander. Each quilt is my little piece of immortality. They will live on long after I am gone. I have no UFO’s (yep, I know I’m weird). Problems with each quilt are like the sword fights. Advance to win the battle but sometimes the quilt is going to win, if only for briefly. The only difference is that there will be WAY more than only one!!!!

  3. LOL, never knew (or suspected) you were a DOOL fan. Been watching (or relying on my mom or people on the bus when I was in college to keep me up to date) since the show started….I sure miss Bo.

    But my quilting is more like me writing a short story or novella….every picture tells a story.

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