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I am not a high maintenance person.  I am not one that has to have the name brand handbag, shoes, clothes etc.  In fact I can count on one hand how many pair of shoes I own, and the one Vera Bradley bag I utilize for everything.  After reading those few sentences one would quickly deduce that the word “materialistic” and “Lisa Calle” couldn’t be further a part.  You would be correct, but I am human.  That being said the machine “SERGER” has me acting like this:


So childlike right?! This has me pondering  “The Need Vs The Want” of this rather expensive machine.  Why do I want it? It’s just so cool! While in Chicago I had the amazing fate of using the Serger and eventually emarking back to PA in tears because I had to part with my new-found toy.  The fact that it cuts AND sews, come on that in and of itself makes it a done deal.  The future of fabric edges being finished before pre-washing, edges of quilts also finished before binding, creating bags and pj bottoms (which I could live in) has my “I want” thoughts working overtime.  15110994_599886990218974_4417419421112390630_o

Do I need it? No not really.  So I suppose I need to stop pouting.unknown-38

Yes it would be extremely amazing to own, but being responsible and mature I will end my temper tantrum now.  Do you have a need vs. a want? Those inner struggles are too torturous to hold inside so please share!

28 thoughts on “Want vs. Need

  1. Your post are great, however to OFTEN – to rather lengthy. 1 x a week would be great – then I can stop and ready it with pleasure!!!

    On Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 1:02 PM, Lisa H Calle’s Blog wrote:

    > lisahcalle posted: ” I am not a high maintenance person. I am not one > that has to have the name brand handbag, shoes, clothes etc. In fact I can > count on one hand how many pair of shoes I own, and the one Vera Bradley > bag I utilize for everything. Aft” >

  2. Sounds reasonable to me….have you seen those featherweight sewing machines that are red , Or yellow, or pink, or orange or red? I think I deserve one of those to take on quilting retreats. Don’t need, but I am old and who knows how long we have to live??
    I’m going to get myself a present

  3. I have always struggled with need vs want. Especially since I am the kind of person that when I am feeling a bit down in the dumps I go shopping. My biggest need vs want lately is fabric, I see a pretty or cute pattern and I have to have it. But then I end up bringing it home and it sits in my stash because I didn’t have a designated project for the fabric.

  4. In many areas of my life, I have learned to tame the “I want it!” monster. Unfortunately, quilting is not one of those areas. My particular weakness is fabric, though at times, machines, tools, and thread have also been issues. I find it helps to have a budget, and to save for a very big ticket item, like a machine. And, when all else fails, and I succumb, I remind myself hat fabric has no calories!

  5. Love your posts and your sharing. Please keep them coming!
    I saw an embroidery. A nine this week that is a newer version of mine. I Want it!!! I don’t need it mine does everything I do on the limited time I have to use it but the newer machine has a bigger hoop! would I use it? of course, how often? mmm probable once a year but do I want it, yes please! but I will continue to be thankful that I already have a good, reliable machine and stop my whining!

  6. I always enjoy your blog posts, Lisa. 🙂 If I don’t have time to check them out when I get notifications I put them in a folder to check later when I have time.

    I got my first serger when I bought a sewing machine right after my son was born in 1985. It was part of the “Fair Special”. It is a three thread that you manually thread and still works wonderfully. Two months ago I purchased two older model 4 thread machines for $25 each. I want to give one to my daughter and upgrade mine to a 4 thread. They are still self thread machines, but that’s really not a big deal–you just pull threads through just like we do our longarms.

    Keep your eyes out for a bargain–they are out there. There are lots of barely used older sergers out there that are available for a song. This can make your “want” a “have” for a minimal investment! 🙂

  7. I have an older model BERNINA 334DS. It is a workhorse. I bought mine on eBay, years ago. I had eBay let me know when one came up, decided if it was ok, and put a price down I could afford. It took a few months, but I eventually got one for $250. Which was a great price at the time. I serge the edges of most of my quilts, not many have actual binding yet. I use it in finishing the edges of bags and things as well as alterations. Hope this helps

  8. I own a lot of glide thread. BUT, I don’t own all the colors. I keep thinking about what other colors there might be that are better than what I have even though I have about 100 colors. It’s an addiction…….

  9. If I actually got everything I want, I’d need a much larger room for my quilting! Right now, I make do in a small spare bedroom that also houses my largish computer desk. It works, but I’d certainly like space to set up both of my Berninas (a 780 and a 630 — both wonderful) all the time. As for what I want, I’d like your entire set of rulers, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. LOL! I love the ones I do have, but lack of space means they’re stored in a drawstring bag from Apple, hanging from a hook on pegboard with my Aurifil threads, scissors, and various other necessities.

  10. I need to use all the fabric in my rather large collection (I’ve only been quilting for 9 years) and I want an IQ for my Innova…I’m sure I could get more quilting done on my pile of 50 “need to get quilted” tops if I had a computer to help out with the E2E (boring for hand-guiding) quilts!!

  11. I liken it to having a microwave. Sure, we have a stove with oven but that micro does fantastic things. Not good for everything, but used for what it’s meant for, it does well. Same as a serger. Not good for every application, but using it for what it’s meant to do and it’s a real timesaver. I couldn’t do without mine. ss

  12. I am a Bernina gal, without question, but I have a Baby loc server. It is old and simple. It’s great. I think you could find a nice serviceable used one for cheap.

  13. too funny as I’ve been going back and forth over to own or not own a serger because my friends do… I still don’t and it’s hard 😦

  14. I tried out the new Janome 9400 at a recent quilt show. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my current 20 year old machine, but I am lusting after the bells and whistles. I don’t need it , but I so want it!

  15. Oh Lisa, I think a serger is definitely in the need category. I am getting ready to retire and trying to gather all my “toys” together to play with. A serger was on my list and I got one several years ago. It has definitely come in handy.

  16. I bought my overlocker aka serger about 25 years ago – a Bernette with a differential feed. Back then it cost £300 which was a lot of money for me but it has been worth every penny and is still going strong. I did buy myself a coverlock machine. That was a want rather than a need and hasn’t been used much but I have never regretted buying my overlocker.

  17. I do a lot of garment sewing so a serger is essential, and I sprung for an expensive Baby Lock back in 2003. The air bladder is wearing out on it (the thing that operates the air jet threading Baby Lock is famous for. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to sew on a lot of different machines. My next serger will be a Juki. Juki makes the Bernina serger. They are indistinguishable except the label. For what you’re talking about doing you don’t need a differential feed nor the ability to switch to cover stitch. You can buy a brand new Juki that is an excellent machine for $300-500. The $500 model gets you the differential. It’s the d in the model number.
    What you won’t get is the Bernina label, but any Bernina service tech can service the Juki, same parts even.
    Good luck making decisions.

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