Squinting is Overrated


     Why George? Why? Squinting is Overrated! 


Like many of you I persevered through my quilting days using readers to see those necessary little issues and details.  Finally I had enough and decided that my readers just weren’t cutting it and my eyes deserved better.  It wasn’t long after that the MAGICAL day arrived and I was introduced to CraftOptics.  

I can only compare my initial feelings of these glasses to what it must have been like for Charlie to enter Willie Wonka’s Chocolate factory and discover that everything in the candy garden was edible!  Yes, it was that surreal!


I was dumbfounded that I had suffered working with my readers for so long.  These glasses are amazing and I do feel like the bionic woman when I wear them.  What are they?  CraftOptics are magnifying binocular telescopes attached to a pair of specially designed titanium frames.  They come in two versions, normal and one for the longarm machine since the distance is often further away.  Another beautiful thing, if you have a prescription, no worries, they can easily be placed in the lenses.  There is an adjustment period, let’s face it, going from a pair of readers to these mini machines is going to take a little time.  Being a newbie to these mechanisms there was a bit of heaviness on the bridge of my nose because I was trying to wear them like my readers. I soon realized that if I wore them correctly, and pushed them back, making sure the band fit snug against the back of my head I was good to go!


Not only do they serve the general purpose of eliminating my eyes from squinting while quilting but they are a priceless asset for the following:

FROGGING: They are essential for those less than fun moments when you discover you will be ripping out stitches.  Ripping out stitches is more than annoying and trying to focus intently on those little stitches can be painful for even the best of eyes!

HAND APPLIQUÉS and INTRICATE DESIGNS:  Those hand appliqués can be tedious, along with intricate designs.  Again, need we make things harder than they need to be?img_0654

BINDING: Yes these will be quite useful when binding your fabric.  My motto is EASY and like you’ve heard me mention a million times before anything that makes my quilting time more efficient and easier is well worth the price.

They are an investment you will NOT regret! And CraftOptics will be attending Rhoad to Caliunknown-31fornia January 19-22nd! So if you want to see what they have to offer please stop by and pay them a visit!

Don’t let your vision have you squinting during the quilting process.  I guarantee you will feel as though you have been quilting in the dark! Do I have any other CraftOptic fans out there?

10 thoughts on “Squinting is Overrated

  1. Oh yes there are more of us out here! I finally decided to buy CraftOptics after buying and trying almost every magnifying glass and light I could find. They are the best purchase I have made in a long time.

  2. I don’t own CraftOptics, but do have loupes from work. I have used them while doing hand applique. I am just starting out on my machine quilting adventure (domestic machine) and hadn’t thought about wearing them for that–thanks for the ‘heads-up’–pun intended!! I’m hoping that this is the weekend to play with my new rulers that I purchased from you in Houston.

  3. Yes Lisa, I totally agree. Purchased my first pair of Craftoptics before they had them for Longarm machines, and use the original ones exclusively now for close work, and then purchased the Longarm version along with the light beam to use for my close work at Road To CA in 2016. Expensive but so worth it. My 66 year old eyes could not be without them!

  4. I actually got mine at MQX last year. What a difference they make…you can even see the actual weave of the fabric as you stitch. I’ve used them on both my domestic and my longarm.

  5. I’m curious as to how your eyes do now when doing ‘normal’ activities like reading. Are you comfortable with same old cheaters (assuming you wore) or did you upgrade the magnification?

  6. At 73 I’m blessed with almost 20/20 since cataract surgery on both eyes. The strain comes with binding dark fabrics and some distance issues at 2-3 feet. Other than that, no problem. Can sure see the benefit of these new mini miracles but wish they came with their own frames.

  7. I am thinking about purchasing craftoptics but I am confused regarding whether one needs a separate set for longarm quilting as opposed to a set for handwork. In other words one set does not work for both?

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