Am I Really Quilting Today?


Most days have me descending down the stairs to my quiet haven and loving all the components that make my business complete.  But that is not to say that there aren’t a few days here and there when time in the studio has me feeling as though I have just entered a gymnasium and am about to be a participant in a wrestling match.

How do the two compare? Believe it or not in quite a few ways.

Me V.S. Fabric

Round 1:   Pre-Washing Fabric Yes as beautiful as it appears in the store, and in your car, the idea of washing it is not appealing.  Loading this amazing purchase into the washer isn’t horrible, but the results of the washer is quite exhausting.  Let me say these two words “Wet Fabric”.  Just like a wrestler moves about the mat being focused and cautious not to step outside the circle, removing the material without bringing water onto the floor is challenging! 




Round 2: Ironing Yards and Yards of Fabric 

Ironing, ironing and more ironing.  Pressing wrinkles out of a mountain of fabric located to the left of my ironing board can feel endless and yet has to be done carefully.  After spending hours of steaming, and pressing I must be cautious not to trip over the fabric that has been ironed into silky smoothness laying to the right of my ironing board.  This has me dancing around, like a wrestler on the mat, trying to prevent my opponent from bringing me down onto all fours. images-57

Round 3: Piecing Large Quilts in a Small Area  Intense to say the least.  Piecing the fabric to the quilt is quite similar to a wrestler performing the right technique on their opponent in order to gain and keep control. Both are done repeatedly using skill and patience.

Round 4: Feeding Fabric Through the Machine  Without a Longarm working your material through the machine is taxing.  Will it ever end? Pulling, pushing, aligning, and keeping a nice pace.  These are all characteristics that a wrestler acquires in order to prevent being pinned by their opponent; yes you see we are alike!images-53


Round 5: Longarm Quilters, Taking Fabric Off Machine and Folding It Neatly Rather than rip my gorgeous pre-washed, ironed, and quilted fabric to the ground, I will firmly tug and pull the beast off my Longarm.  After I have mastered the removal off the Longarm, I will neatly fold the quilt.  In my eyes this is a “PIN”..and to a wrestler this is also considered a win.


 Both take physical endurance, and both demand mental skill.  But it is both those abilities that push me forward, and I would think this would also pertain to the wrestler.  The wrestler will face easy matches, just as I encounter days that everything in my studio runs smoothly.  However, those arduous matches, and quilting days, make both of us work harder and educate each of us more than those simple periods.

Does quilting remind you of any sport, or event in particular?  We all encounter different challenges, and adversities when we quilt.  I would love to know yours!

12 thoughts on “Am I Really Quilting Today?

  1. I very rarely wash fabric and when I do I leave the fabric folded as from the bolt and serge the end one to the other. After drying I cut of the serged stitches. Has saved me lots of ironing time. I also wrestle with quilts in a very small space but admit I spill over to the bed across the hall. It becomes my design board. I did a king size last summer and NEVER again. Enjoy your blog

  2. I feel like a carpet installer!..Because who has time for a design wall? When I have the pieces for a quilt top I have to see them NOW!!!! As it grows the household knows to walk around even if you have to get on your tip toes because I am on a roll and cannot be disturbed!!! My husband is even kind enough to oooooh and awe every time he walks through!

      • My father was a carpet installer for 42 years. I’m going to have to tell him now he could be mistaken for a quilter. LOL.

        I use my spare bedroom bed to lay blocks on as a design wall. I don’t think I’d be able to get the blocks (or me) up off the floor if I used it as a design wall.

  3. Quilting is definitely a sport…full of exercise and mentally challenging with three dimensional game elements…I love it all (though my son David washes my fabrics for me after I serge the raw ends…it’s one of the many nice things he does to do his part in our shared home). I then fold my fabrics, put them away and iron them when I’m ready to cut them, since I have found I have to iron them at that time anyway.

  4. I love washing fabric in the summer and hanging it out to dry (love the lack of wrinkles!). The only part of quilting that I can equate to anything is hand sewing the binding…the pain in my hands quite reminds me of getting a tattoo on the top of my foot (not something I’ll be doing again!). I avoid it as much as possible!!! Not really a sport but definitely an event!! But loading a quilt on my LA can be a bit like sparring…dodge over here, feint over there, always careful not to get too close and rub my arm (or other body parts) on the rail or I’ll get jabbed!!

  5. a relay race, where I am the only racer and the baton is constantly changing on every lap rather than the runner….. planning, preparing, shopping, cutting, piecing, quilting, binding…. and last but not the least the household duties that steal time from the race!!!

  6. I place my yardage of fabric in a zipper mesh bag and put in washer. Smaller mesh bags are great for washing scraps. I have gotten 5 yards into one bag!

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