You’re a Hard Habit to Break



If you are like me you have at least one bad habit that has become ingrained in you since you began quilting.  It has probably become such a part of your quilting routine that you don’t even realize that it is occurring UNTIL the end of the day or UNLESS someone kindly points it out to you.

In a shocker my bad habit is wearing my shoulders as earrings.  And I am quite sure many of you are nodding your head in agreement thinking, “Me too” or “Boy have I heard Lisa say that during one of her classes!”  Posture, Posture, Posture!  Letting my shoulders become one with my ears has me cursing myself crazy by the time I am finished quilting for the day.  My neck aches, my shoulders feel stiff and my upper body feels very uncomfortable.  A stiff, cranky Lisa is not a productive, happy Lisa.  “Lower those shoulders” is stressed by me to all my students because IF I can prevent any feelings from transpiring like what is depicted below then it will be heard it again and again.

images-62  Yes, we all stumble and fall back into old patterns, but not trying to break them at all will only hinder our ability to succeed.  Whether our habits are physical or mental let’s not let them deprive us of reaching our goals. So whenever I fall off the “good habit wagon” and realize I’m wearing earrings I just take a moment and think:


Do you have a habit that lingers in your quilting space?  If so please share! If you have conquered a bad habit I ABSOLUTELY want to hear about your success and by all means how you accomplished the task.  Remember I only listed one of  a long list of habits that I should break while quilting.  Perhaps one of my peers out there will give me the inspiration needed to work on another one!


19 thoughts on “You’re a Hard Habit to Break

  1. I actually bought a doctor’s stool to combat what my husband calls the “shoulder hike” when I’m at the sewing machine. The seat is adjustable, and because it isn’t a chair with arms or a back, I HAVE to sit straight. It’s actually more comfortable to sit up straight than to hunch over (which we all know but tend to ignore).

  2. My bad habit is I move my tongue on the roof of my mouth the same movement I am FMQ. I have had to stop quilting for a while as I made sores in my mouth. Now I try and stop when I catch myself. Crazy.

  3. Oh, Lisa, I can so relate! Sometimes my shoulders are practically earmuffs, rather than just earrings. Sadly, I have not found a way to combat it yet.

  4. I have many bad habits including poor posture, but my biggest problem is that I am a messy quilter. I tend to toss thread ends over my shoulder or onto my sewing machine table. As I use rulers I set them on the sewing machine table rather than hanging them back up. After every quilt I have a big mess to clean up.

  5. I forget to breathe. And the way I know I’m not breathing is that my shoulders are in my ears. The habits go hand on hand for me. If I’m breathing through my diaphragm, then my shoulders stay relaxed.

  6. I have that miserable habit, too. I’ve always called it ‘hunching’ my shoulders’. Bad thing is that I sometimes wake in the night and realize I’m STILL doing it! How ridiculous is that.

  7. I redesigned the front of the sewing table my husband made so that the front extends around the front half of my body with a cut out for my tummy. My elbows rest on some little cushions on the table top so I’m not holding my elbows up with my shoulder/neck muscles. I had to adjust my FMQ technique a little but it has made such a difference. My sitting position is now 10 inches in front of the needle and the table supports the weight of the quilt (along with the table to the left of the machine). I also have a removable cut out in front of the machine so I can access the bobbin area of my Bernina from the top of the machine. That’s covered by Perspex. There’s also a cut out so I can peer down to see where I insert the knee lift. Have a great day!

  8. Forgot to add my bad habit. Instead of using a pin cushion on my wrist, I have always put pins in my mouth and most of the time I forget they are there. My Mum told me off recently when she saw me do it saying that people who do that can cough and swallow the pins so I’m quickly trying to break a 24 year old habit!

  9. I have done well in breaking the habit. As soon as I have done it, they come out. My lovely Mum telling me off stuck! Who says kids don’t listen to their mums…eventually.

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