Regroup, Reorganize AND Get Motivated!



Regroup, Reorganize AND Get Motivated

It doesn’t take very long before all the seasonal joy of the holidays dissipates and we find ourselves feeling the doldrums of the wintry months ahead.  All to easily we can be consumed with those lethargic feelings and the constant yearning to remain in our pajamas for several hours each day is a reality.  The idea of breakfast in bed which can easily transition into lunch in bed sounds very enticing; even dreamy!  What keeps me going when the couch/bed potato plays like a lullaby in my head?  Of course my youngest son obviously has me getting out of bed in order to prepare him for school.  But what keeps me from climbing BACK into bed or onto the couch with my favorite blanket?


Cleaning My Studio!  This does wonders for my spirit.  After completing a project, like the quilt I just finished for my dear friend Paul, and taking the time to revamp all that appeared to be strewn throughout my studio my mind instantly cleared.  Believe it or not stepping down to a clean working space invites creativity and a positive energy.  Who wants to start a new design when it looks like Santa’s elves had a huge Christmas party in the studio?


Spitballing (or as Drea  likes to say Brainstorming)

My lovely red-headed assistant had never  heard of the term “Spitballing”.


 She was quite offended when I suggested that prior to diving into our days tasks we needed to huddle and “Spitball” ideas back and forth.  After giving her the definition of what the term meant she was more than willing to  comply with my request.  The idea of spitballing opens the door to new ideas, perceptions, and growth for future business.  This can be especially helpful when your mind feels a bit “stuck”.  Bouncing thoughts off of team members, friends, and peers not only bring enlightenment to my projects but often enables me to wiggle out of that heavy “stuck” feeling that keeps me from moving forward.



Nothing gets me inspired and rejuvenated like finding amazing fabric!  I just bought this “Tula Pink” material, and it has me humming a tune and dancing around the studio.  My web of creativity is spinning away and I am so excited to put vision to thread!  A little fabric therapy does wonders for this quilter!

Motivation comes in numerous forms. Perhaps it is music, or a quote that is hanging in your quilting area. Whatever the source I would love to hear about it!  It’s always nice to tuck away a new idea to prevent the winter blah’s from provoking me into becoming a couch/bed potato!

7 thoughts on “Regroup, Reorganize AND Get Motivated!

  1. Whenever I can’t get myself in a creative move I clean my kitchen. By the time I get through half of it I have ideas enough to keep my busy for weeks in my sewing area! Organ music is also very inspiring for me but for very different reasons than the kitchen cleaning!

  2. Tidying up my work table after completing a project helps get me motivated to begin (or complete) the next project. Of course, there are usually a couple of other projects stacked – I work on several at the same time.

  3. Always a project pending! Cleaning up after (and sometimes during) a project is wonderful for the mind to re-set? (Using the term “spitball”—-naaaahhhh!)

  4. I am SO on board with the cleaning and reorganizing habit. And I admit that once a year I make a list of all the projects that I have waiting in the wings. I re-evaluate each PIG (project in grocery sac) and determine if it is a project yet to be finished or to re-enter the stash. Come on. Admit it. Some projects just need to marinate for a while.
    Once the list is complete, I even categorize the stage of completeness. I will tackle the easy ones first. Nothing like having a project that has been marinating a while completed in 20 minutes just because you ran out of binding. Yep. True story.
    A clean studio is a happy studio!

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