Twas the Friday Before Christmas




The year 2016 is rapidly coming to a close and the reminiscing of holiday traditions can be heard during family meals, and seasonal festivities.  December provides the magic of reliving family customs that had soon become known as a “remember when?”  And it goes without saying that laughter, and many smiles can be seen when sharing these stories with others.

Growing up in the Hagstoz household, I was very fortunate.  Our family had more than on tradition which yearly brings such treasured memories of my childhood.  These are memories that will forever be ingrained as what brought the holiday spirit to our family.  So what were our family “remember when’s?”


Christmas Eve:  One present, yes we were opened one present every Christmas Eve.  These were gifts placed under the tree from a sibling, grandparent, but OBVIOUSLY NOT Santa!  As evening came upon us, the excitement of which present we would unwrap grew within us.  Which one to choose, and what would it be?


“Twas the Night Before Christmas”, that lovely story was narrated by my father every Christmas Eve.  Probably by the time I was 7 years old I was quietly reciting the story right along with him. Our evening was not complete without the annual bedtime story prior to Santa’s arrival.


Going to bed with sugar plums dancing through my head ALWAYS occured on December 24th. 

Do NOT even think about descending the staircase on Christmas Day.  Yepper, the Hagstoz children were not to even entertain the idea of going downstairs prior to my father checking under the tree to make sure Santa did deliver our gifts.  Did my father not realize that was an insult?   The Hagstoz children, especially me, were more than deserving of Santa’s visit the night before!


I am quite sure my fellow followers have holiday traditions to share, memories that will add to the festive spirit that I’d like to share during this wonderful season.  So please let me know what magical memories you have experienced growing up.


3 thoughts on “Twas the Friday Before Christmas

  1. I remember when I was a little girl that Christmas morning was a magical time. My parents would put up and decorate the tree, and arrange the wrapped gifts under the tree, all done Christmas eve after I was in bed. My older sister probably was in on the magic after Santa was no longer real for her. But, I was just stunned by the sight Christmas morning. When I was older and this tradition was no longer needed, we were allowed to open one present on Christmas eve. These are wonderful memories, of 70 years or so ago.
    I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas.


  2. When my sister and I were very young, Santa decorated our tree and left gifts. As we got older, the tree went up a few days earlier, but Santa still came after we were in bed. When my husband and I had our own children, we made sure that Santa left their stockings by their beds — giving us a few extra precious minutes of sleep before the bedlam began! LOL! Now our children and grandchildren all come for breakfast — always the same special homemade bread and scrambled eggs — after they’ve seen what Santa brought. We all have dinner together on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

  3. When I was 5 and my brother was 3, we quietly got up early and opened every package under the tree. My parents didn’t know who sent what or even exactly who each gift was for. What fun we had ripping off bows and shredding paper! The next Christmas a new tradition was instituted…we could open anything in our stocking, but nothing else until mom and dad got there! Have a blessed Christmas!

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