Quilter’s Wish List



It’s that time of year where we gather lists to Santa and we find ourselves online, or at the malls searching for that perfect gift for the kids, family and friends.  Inevidebilty there is always one room in the house that temporariluy becomes Santa’s workshop where the wrapping of all the holidaya treasures takes place.  But what if you could send a wish list to Santa? What would you ask Santa to bring you?  Have you been naught or nice?

My list isn’t very long.  As a matter of fact I would be happy if Santa place one tiny little thing under my tree this year.  unknown-14

I say go big or home, right? LOL!  After attending classes in Chicago I now really, really, really want a BERNINA L460.  My mind has been dreaming of all the lovely projects I could come up with using this machine. I can dream, right?  So I sent this one item to Santa and I have a very strong feeling that I am going to receive the following response:


I am quite sure that had I been a littel more realistic on my Christmas list Santa might be a littel more attentive in holiday wants.  But I figured it can’t hurt to ask.  What is on your holiday wish list?  This is a no judging christmas list zone, you can wish as big as the stars.  As you can see I most certainly did!


8 thoughts on “Quilter’s Wish List

  1. I have everything any quilter would want in my studio, including a 45 year stash of fabrics that I’m desperately trying to use up. My longarm will be getting a light bar and an upgrade on software which was supposed to happen months ago. I’m blessed with 3 sewing machines, one does embroidery, and a serger. I think I have one of every ruler, book, and pattern that interests me.

    All I really want is health and happiness for my family and blessings to the world at large.

  2. I put granite counter tops (you may have inspired me!) and a sectional couch on my list! Pretty sure I won’t be getting either, 😂

  3. My wish list is simple, one more Christmas with my dad, my 3 daughters and 2 granddaughters. Probably won’t happen because oldest daughter is deployed to the Middle East this year and her kids are in Texas and my dad is 95.5. I am blessed to be able to have one daughter coming from Hawaii to Nevada to spend Christmas with us.

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