Spend VS. Save



Saving a few pennies is not only something we all LIKE to do, but for most of us saving is a top priority.  I am highly aware of where every penny is going, there isn’t a piece of copper that isn’t accounted for in my life.  The orthodontist, car, mortgage, yadda, yadda, yadda the list goes.  That list goes on UNTIL you get to my six letter word….FABRIC!


And BAM, just like that my money starts flying away!  I wouldn’t consider my self a high maintenance girl, however, I love good fabric.  That being said, the one thing I will not skimp on is the quality of my fabric.  You will  never find me purchasing material other than the high quality quilt shop fabric.  The hand of the fabric, the way it feels and drapes.  I could do an infomercial using a piece of really good fabric. There is nothing like QUALITY FABRIC for me.


So the idea of saving pennies, nickels or dimes when it comes to quilting is not easy for me.  I wish I could say that I am as disciplined with my fabric money habits as I am in every other area of my life; but that is not the case.  Maybe not keeping a large stash is my saving grace.  Can you imagine if I had a HUGE stash now knowing I only commit to quality fabric?!  Holy piggy banks I’d be in big trouble!images-34





I need a few quilting friends  to make me feel better about my fabric habits.  Please share with me in what aspects of quilting do you find yourself saving and spending?

11 thoughts on “Spend VS. Save

  1. 1. I will no longer buy cheap scissors.
    2. There are three quilt shops within 35 miles of my home. I shop mostly at the closest one, because I love the people there and their way of doing business. Their fabric is not cheaper, but I take advantage of their customer loyalty program and call it good.

  2. My saving grace is living really close to the fabrics district in Montreal and knowing the distributors that sell to people too. Quilt shop quality fabrics at 5$-7$ Canadian a meter. Can’t afford that 15-22$ prices asked for the exact same fabrics in Fabrics stores.

  3. There are two factors for me in regards to my fabric selection. The way it feels and color are what draws me in. Ironically, those two factors are enough to keep my stash very impressive! I try to understand what others see in fabric, but it flies right by me!

  4. Like you I spend on quality fabric and thread. Unlike you, I have a big stash, so I save by starting there. I save by not buying a fancier sewing machine than I need. I save by not buying one-use rulers. I save by getting quilting books from the library (and only buying them when I’ve checked them out several times for reference).

  5. I love good fabric and have a tremendous stash…but there is always that one fabric that is needed to complete the project, so I shop the quilt shop. I travel to different ones since there is no one fabric shop close to me. I longarm for customers so that is where the money comes from to stay on budget…we have a free table at our guild and I often get some good fabric, patterns and books there…

  6. Spending your money they way you want is just part of life. Besides everyone has that thing they splurge on. Your is part and parcel to your livelihood and vocation.
    A friend once said, “Guilt is a sack. Just set it down!”

  7. I used to live hours away from the closest fabric shop, so moving to a city meant I went wild buying fabric for a time. Now I try to save by using my stash as much as possible. My splurge? Accessories for my Bernina!

  8. Lisa,,
    You have a great handle on your spending splurge – small stash. I have been sewing for 50 years (started at 10 Years Young). Even back then the feel and drap is what captured my soul. Worked in a very special quilt fabric store for 8 years – know where my spare$$ went. I do have a medium stash about 200 yards of fabric. I had the opportunity to buy some great fabrics of 300 yards for 1/3 the cost this weekend and passed it up. No regrets, I just want to finish the planned projects in my stash in my life time. YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS JOURNEY!!!

  9. I buy every fabric that I like, (well almost), and to keep it manageable I buy fat quarters. I don’t make quilts that require yards and yards of the same fabrics…. so I can get away with this. I save by buying quality items and by resisting the need to have every new gimmick and gadget that comes along, and I take very good care of the things that I do have.

  10. I too would love to just have quilt shop fabric. But as I live on disability this is not always possible. I use my stash and do the best I can with quilt quality fabric. But sometimes this is just not possible. Since I only quilt for my family and they are all adults this has not been a problem. I do save to the fun toys like the ones on your site. Like a lot of folks I do the best I can with what I have.

  11. Lisa, you are doing just fine! I love colors so that’s where I get in trouble with fabric! I also love quality tools. I try to plan my purchases and look for good sales. L

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