What To Wear?



Ah the world is such a comfy, warm and lovely place when I am able to stay in my PJ’s for lengths of time that go beyond 8 a.m.  Yet, reality has a funny way of telling me that my wearing fleece bottoms and tops with the graphics of clouds and sheep cutely printed throughout would not be professional.  I suppose even a drive to the post office deserves a little more thought in attire.


When it comes to working in the studio I still like the idea of feel comfortable.  Just as I need to feel comfortable with my machines, what I wear for quilting, creating templates and the million other details of running my business has me choosing sweat pants and a t-shirt.  I often feel  a tad frumpy when I see Drea enter the studio dressed in business casual attire from her full-time job and I look down at my favorite yoga pants and zip up hoodie.  The feeling doesn’t last but mere moments because Drea always takes a glance at my “dress code” and says “I would love to be dressed like that! Maybe I’ll keep a pair of sweats here so I can change out of my uncomfortable clothes.”

To make us both happy I suggested we think about instituting a dress up day and a PJ day.  She doesn’t realize my idea of dress up day is dresses, not business casual.

images-34I say “Go big or go home, right?” Heck if I’m gonna have a day to step it up, I am really going to step it up! Hopefully Drea doesn’t choose to say “I’ll skip the go big or go home theory.”  I think it might be fun having the red carpet experience in my studio!

Do you need to be in super comfy like me when you are working? Or do you have another go to fashion that has become your closet staple?

8 thoughts on “What To Wear?

  1. Oh, sweat pants and t-shirts/sweat shirts all the way. I have to dress for work too and the minute I get in the house it’s comfy I’m looking for.

  2. I dream of hiring a fashion consultant who can help me shop for clothes that feel like yoga pants & T-shirts but look all smart and put-together. Do they exist? Summer is the hardest – I live in Texas and it is way too hot to dress “nice.”

  3. Comfy all the way!! Sweats in the winter and as little as possible during the summer!! Gotta love a quilt studio on the top floor of a 100 year old farm house with no a/c and a wall heater! Since you have someone who works for you, your definition of “as little as possible” is a bit different than mine LMAO

  4. Am definitely a PJs girl, especially in winter – lightweight dresses for summer. I am retired now, but I used to work from home so it was still the same. It was often joked that I didn’t like picking up and dropping of work because I had to get dressed – they could have been right.

  5. Lisa, You are so funny. I do stay in my “House Attire” Long “Just My Fit” pants – here in Texas it get chilled, just not cold enough for sweats and long sleeve Tshirts. After coming from the Corporate world in September I just want to stay in comfortable clothing to sew.

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