A Few of My Favorite Things


Yes, as many of you know I am a BERNINA girl! LOVE my BERNINA!

The wonderful thing about possessing a domestic machine AND a longarm machine, is that each product brings their own special features and significance to quilting.  More importantly the add ons and possibilities are constantly evolving  and emerging in the quilting industry.

My domestic machine has many facets that I can’t imagine doing without.  But if I had to choose one feature that I absolutely love it would be the that I don’t have to use the foot pedal to run the machine.  The idea of not having to constantly press down on a foot pedal is simply heavenly!

When it comes to my longarm, I would claim that the ruler foot and the ruler base are my can’t do without features.  I know this doesn’t come as a big surprise to many of you since I am a HUGE ruler girl!  SO just the thought of quilting with the my long arm and not possessing the ruler foot and ruler base has me saying:






Favorite accessory or stitch of yours? Let’s start our week out with a little feedback on what my quilting friends have to say.

5 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. OK at the risk of being thrown off your mailing list I am no longer a Bernina devotee so have a Brother machine now and my favourite foot for quilting and basting on that machine is its MuVit foot. That combined with painter’s tape is my go to for straight line quilting and for FMQ I really like my sewing machine cabinet which means I have a large surface for the quilt to rest on while I feather, bubble and leaf through it.

  2. For my sewing machine it’s the “clearly perfect angles” vinyl film. For my Longarm it’s the handi light that clips on!

  3. On my Bernina 730 it is the applique stitch…best ever.
    On my Longarm, has to be my extension table….I use it even if I am not using a ruler….which is rare..I have a Prodigy Longarm.

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