What To Wear?



Ah the world is such a comfy, warm and lovely place when I am able to stay in my PJ’s for lengths of time that go beyond 8 a.m.  Yet, reality has a funny way of telling me that my wearing fleece bottoms and tops with the graphics of clouds and sheep cutely printed throughout would not be professional.  I suppose even a drive to the post office deserves a little more thought in attire.


When it comes to working in the studio I still like the idea of feel comfortable.  Just as I need to feel comfortable with my machines, what I wear for quilting, creating templates and the million other details of running my business has me choosing sweat pants and a t-shirt.  I often feel  a tad frumpy when I see Drea enter the studio dressed in business casual attire from her full-time job and I look down at my favorite yoga pants and zip up hoodie.  The feeling doesn’t last but mere moments because Drea always takes a glance at my “dress code” and says “I would love to be dressed like that! Maybe I’ll keep a pair of sweats here so I can change out of my uncomfortable clothes.”

To make us both happy I suggested we think about instituting a dress up day and a PJ day.  She doesn’t realize my idea of dress up day is dresses, not business casual.

images-34I say “Go big or go home, right?” Heck if I’m gonna have a day to step it up, I am really going to step it up! Hopefully Drea doesn’t choose to say “I’ll skip the go big or go home theory.”  I think it might be fun having the red carpet experience in my studio!

Do you need to be in super comfy like me when you are working? Or do you have another go to fashion that has become your closet staple?

A Few of My Favorite Things


Yes, as many of you know I am a BERNINA girl! LOVE my BERNINA!

The wonderful thing about possessing a domestic machine AND a longarm machine, is that each product brings their own special features and significance to quilting.  More importantly the add ons and possibilities are constantly evolving  and emerging in the quilting industry.

My domestic machine has many facets that I can’t imagine doing without.  But if I had to choose one feature that I absolutely love it would be the that I don’t have to use the foot pedal to run the machine.  The idea of not having to constantly press down on a foot pedal is simply heavenly!

When it comes to my longarm, I would claim that the ruler foot and the ruler base are my can’t do without features.  I know this doesn’t come as a big surprise to many of you since I am a HUGE ruler girl!  SO just the thought of quilting with the my long arm and not possessing the ruler foot and ruler base has me saying:






Favorite accessory or stitch of yours? Let’s start our week out with a little feedback on what my quilting friends have to say.