ProCircles and Appliques


Okay, so I have been neglecting my big project for quite some time now.  And when I say quite some time I mean its been three years, three LONG years, in the making.  I could easily come up with a very long list of reasons why this quilt has become my red-headed step child.  However, I will spare you the excuses and just own up to the fact that this poor quilt has been begging for my undivided attention for 1,095 days (365 x 3).  But I am very happy and proud to report that this abandoned project has recently gathered some TLC.

Appliqué time! I am in the process of creating appliqués for this, one day, amazing quilt.  I love creating this aspect to my pieces; I find my work really begins to show its uniqueness.  Perhaps now that I have begun this step my days of putting this project on the back burner are over…we can only hope.


Above you will see that I used my ProCircle templates to draft my appliqués. Who knew?!  Using my ProCircle templates will make quilting  the applique on my long arm so much easier.  Below you will see my current quilt that  was drafted using  the ProCircle.  I was certain that my ProEcho 3 would be the perfect tool to help me with the ever so fun, stitch in the ditch.  So remember that the ProCircle templates can be very useful in other ways besides using them directly on your quilt! I am all about quilting being uncomplicated and achieving efficiency!




AND FOR SOME FUN NEWS:  Our Flat Lisa Winner for November!

fullsizerenderA shout out of congratulations goes to Wendy Banner!  Yeah Wendy!! She took Flat Lisa to the Island of Cyprus Greece, this photo was taken at Aphrodite’s Rock. What a great picture! Wendy is the winner of a $50.00 worth of free products!  Thanks Wendy for letting Flat Lisa tag along!!