November Racked Up On RAOK


Congratulations to Lisa Tice of North Glenn Colorado! Lisa is the winner of our RAOK contest!


I greatly appreciate all those that participated in spreading a little thoughtfulness to someone during November.  We received many wonderful RAOKs such as:

Paying for someones coffee at WAWA

Collecting shopping carts in a local GIANT parking lot

Taking donuts to the nearby bank for the tellers

Handing out umbrellas to those walking along the street while it was raining

Those are just a few examples of the acts of kindness I received. I was in awe of all the selfless acts people were willing to do over the past month.  Yes, many of us complete RAOKs anonymously and quite often, but doesn’t it just put a smile on your face reading about the generosity of others?  Isn’t it refreshing to read about the positive deeds occurring in the communities where we all reside?

Bottom line KINDNESS is KINDNESS regardless how it is accomplished!


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