It Wouldn’t Be Thanksgiving Without…





Cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie and we cannot leave out TURKEY. We all have at least one part of our holiday meal that is a tradition and is served at every Thanksgiving dinner.  Those dishes that have our mouth’s watering all afternoon as we anticipate the first bite and the small taste of heaven that fork brings; or not.  For our family it was creamed onions.  I giggle as I look back on this one particular Thanksgiving moment.  At the time I was in high school and my grandmother would be joining us for the holiday.  As my mother, sister and I slaved away in the kitchen for the feast, that would be devoured by relatives within 10 minutes, my grandmother swept over the array of food and inquired why she did not see “the creamed onions“.


What my grandmother did not realize was that although we presented her lovely creamed onions at EVERY Thanksgiving meal, it didn’t mean we necessarily enjoyed them.  This year my mother bravely chose to skip the creamed onions.  My mother may have won the battle that year, but my grandmother would win the war.  Nan ventured out that Thanksgiving and traipsed all over town.  She invaded any open deli, grocery store, gas station, and pharmacy in hopes that one merchant might possibly sell those amazing creamed onions.  Her mission was unsuccessful, and the creamed onions were absent from our Thanksgiving dinner (I secretly smiled). BUT you bet your bottom booty there were creamed onions every year going forward, like them or not!

So what is the one food that has always been present during your Thanksgiving gathering?  Is it a traditional entre or side that you anticipate with thoughts of “YUM” entertaining your mind? Or maybe you are quickly reminded of how you will need to bypass that one Thanksgiving “will not be excluded” dish.

I cannot wait to hear all the Thanksgiving loves and loathes that have been, and are, a traditional experience!

Oh I forgot to mention tomorrow this quilter will be diving into her “MUST HAVE” mashed potatoes and corn, but I am sure creamed onions will be found somewhere on the table!


11 thoughts on “It Wouldn’t Be Thanksgiving Without…

  1. We always had cornbread dressing and always will along with sweet potatoe casserol. When Mom was the cook (God Rest Her Soul) would make the BEST spaghetti and cheese from scratch. Still cannot make it like MOM. Hope you all have a wonderful Safe Thanks Giving.

  2. For my family it is Grandma’s homemade crescent dinner rolls. My mom had made them for years since grandma has been gone. Two years ago my daughter took on the responsibility and is making them for holiday dinners.

  3. My mom always had baby peas with pearl (very small) onions, pretty good. Also wild rice stuffed into the neck of the turkey, yum. My mother-in-law had to be the worst cook ever (sorry Agnes) her dressing so wet it could have been soup. Don’t think she ever cooked turkey but there always was a VERY well cooked beef roast. At least I think that’s what it was!

  4. Oh creamed onions were always present at Thanksgiving in our family too. It also appears at our family Christmas celebration. I never touch it (ewww) and if mom wants it she brings it. Same for rutabagers. Those that want that bring it themselves.

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