Back Away from My Quilting ________

Don’t Even Think About It!

We all have at least one.  That prized quilting possession that we treasure; we actually might inflict bodily harm on someone if our studio went without it.  images-16There are various reasonings behind our strong feeling of contempt towards the idea of any type of  theft (even temporarily) of certain items.  Maybe it’s a decoration in your studio, perhaps it’s a quilt that you have designed, a favorite tool you use, or it could be your domestic/long arm machine that you waited so long to obtain.  And again by no means does this have to be ONE thing.  Heaven forbid you have fallen in love  with more than one part of your quilting world.


Anyone who  follows my blog knows that one of my prized possession is my Karen Kay Buckley scissors.  It has been made very clear that you don’t touch my Karen Kay Buckley scissors!  In case you haven’t viewed my rare moment of insanity I have included it for your entertainment pleasure.

The above video has scarred Drea.         image-1-2       She now comes up to me prior to cutting anything with fear in her eyes and poses the qualifying question “These aren’t Karen Kay Buckley’s, are they?”  I think even if she knew they weren’t Karen Kay Buckley scissors she would still ask on the remote chance I had fallen in love with another pair of scissors.  Highly unlikely, silly girl!

b7cb0d582378393769eefdf026dc8f41-1What is it that you find of extreme value in your studio?  Or that MUST HAVE when you quilt? I need to be reassured that I’m not the only one that has neurotic quilting issues.


10 thoughts on “Back Away from My Quilting ________

  1. That is hilarious because it is too close to home!!! I love my ghinger scissors (and always have)! I’ve been tempted to put a shock collar on mine, words have failed to get through too many times!!!

  2. For me, the necessity includes all the scissors I use for sewing because my hubby has a habit of borrowing things, using them incorrectly and then losing them in the garage……

  3. I love my new Bernina Q20 sitdown machine. I am now working on the second quilt done on it and also loving your rulers. I have a lot more to buy as soon as I can. Thanks for your iquilt classes.

  4. It doesn’t make any sense at all since I don’t even use it that much, but I have a complete and total meltdown if I can’t find my Clover Hold It Precision Stiletto. My heart speeds up, I get short of breath. It’s really ridiculous. But there it is.

  5. I too Love my KKB scissors but I’m fanatic about my sets of BlocLoc rulers. I’ve been quilting for almost 50 years and can’t believe that the stuggle for perfection is so much closer with the BlocLoc rulers. They NEVER leave my studio and anyone who could find them, let alone make it to the door, would be tackled and detained. I lost a lovely quilt that took four years to track down. My label was removed and a new one added but I sign my quilts with permanent ink under the label for just that reason.

  6. My longarm would be high on my list – I can’t possibly quilt without it, but I don’t think anyone would make it down the 16 stairs with the machine and they would have to take the rails out a bedroom window (2.5 stories down), so I think it is safe!!! With no kids in the house to borrow my sewing/quilting supplies, we actually have the opposite problem in my house…(hanging my head in shame) I “borrow” my husband’s tools to use on my machine (Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, levels) and they seem to magically find their way into my tool box up there, never to return down the stairs!!! *Sigh* he could buy me my own tools and then I would happily return his :o)

  7. This is so fun and made me chuckle. I have no doubt that said offender was shamed sufficiently when he/she learned that this also made it to the web. I haven’t tried those scissors yet but now I think I need to. Hubs is always needing gift ideas for me so they just might be going on my wish list this year.

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