Tis the Season to Receive

Giving, giving, giving, let’s forget we are on receiving end too, right? Monday we talked about giving, now it’s time to discuss the topic of being the recipient during  the holiday season.  I know since many relatives and friends know that quilting is my way of life they often impart on me gifts with a “quilting” theme.  And why wouldn’t they? If you knew someone in your family, or close friend shaped their world around fabric wouldn’t your gift ideas possibly be:  JoAnn Fabric gift cards, a tote bag with their company logo, or coffee mug with an adorable quilting quote? Heck YES!




Do any of the items above look familiar?  Have you received any holiday gifts that are similar?  I am not ungrateful and I truly appreciate those that take the time out of their busy schedule to think of me, but have you felt you’ve been put in the “Quilter’s Gift Box” when it come to gifts?  The box that only has you receiving gifts pertaining to threads, and needles?  Please don’t  get me wrong, I’m not locked in the “Quilter’s Gift Box” let’s just say that the lid has, on occasion, been a little hard to open.


Now that you have had time to think back on what Aunt Sally or Cousin Kate gave you as a present in the past for Christmas, or the holiday season, I am going to ask you to share what you have received.  Do you typically receive gifts in genre of quilting? If so what is the craziest or silliest item you have received? What present has meant the most to you?  Inquiring minds want to know! What presents are found elgantly wrapped under a quilter’s Christmas tree?



3 thoughts on “Tis the Season to Receive

  1. Yes!!! I think the worst was a “lollipop” of binding in a color way that I would never use…. and some fat quarters that didn’t go with said lollipop!!!

  2. There was the year that my son and husband went into the LQS and allowed the sales person to sell them items like plastic shapes for hand quilting along with a selection of Christmas fabrics I ended up donating. They meant well. While my son was training in a town far away, I hinted the whole time he lived there about going into the LQS, owned by a couple of great designers whose pattern books I admired, thinking that anything they stocked in their shop would be ideal. My hints fell on deaf ears.

  3. My family has been really good. They do get me quilting themed items, like gift certificates to our local quilt store. Last year, my sister-in-law went into our quilt store and asked what colors of thread I would piece with. She bought me 6 large spools of neutral thread along with a gift certificate.

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