What is the Quilter’s Idea of Giving?

Thanksgiving will be here in just about a week and a half .  Once we devour turkey, mashed potatoes and all the Thanksgiving fixings it will time for the self-induced  tryptophan coma. We eventually need to revive ourselves and return to reality which will have us joining the hustle and bustle of the December season.  The month of December is about giving; giving gifts for teachers, family and friends.  We spend endless hours searching and selecting that special item for all those on our list that expresses the sentiment “Happy Holidays, I have this well thought out gift for you”, and inwardly we have the thought of “Moreover, I am thrilled I didn’t break the bank finding the perfect gift”.   We desperately try to make the holidays a win-win for both those giving and those receiving!



The internet has made it extremely easy to click a few buttons, fill your virtual cart and then in a mere minutes those on your “to buy for” list can be eliminated.  However, being in the quilting world I know many of us out there are going full steam ahead trying to put the final touches on our homemade gifts to those we love.


images-12So now that the clock is ticking and we will be, if we aren’t are already, hard pressed to get our holiday plans in order; I am intrigued to hear what your holiday gift giving items include.  Are you still in the throes of finishing a quilting project to be wrapped as a christmas present?  If you do enjoy sharing your quilting projects this time of year are they table top runners, tuffets or placemats? Or is there something else specific you create to share?  Maybe you choose not to give anything related to quilting as a gift during this time of year?  Please let me know, and trust me it is quite alright to leave a comment such as “Oh Lisa I haven’t even thought about the month of December”.  It would nice to have someone relieve a little bit of my procrastinating guilt!

14 thoughts on “What is the Quilter’s Idea of Giving?

  1. You are soooo right Lisa – my gifts should be made year round so I don’t have to be stressed in December. To date I have made some cute pillow cases for grand children and a nice Hand Quilted 40 X 65 throw for one daughter. Thank you for the Epiphany!

  2. Haven’t thought about giving quilt related items for Christmas but I Have just started to clear some of my excess fabric by making charity quilts for Lutheran World Relief. One down and at least two more to go! We have a group called “Loving Hands” that gets together to “tie” them and then they get sent off once a year to LWR headquarters. That’s part of my “Christmas present” to the world!

  3. I only make fabric postcards for Christmas and I send about 80 of them. All other handmade gifts come whenever I am inspired. I don’t do Christmas gifts anymore….. But I also don’t have children!

  4. Lisa, I must bind a Christmas tree skirt – French General reds and taupes; bind a “peacock” themed quilt; and finish up a few zipper pouches; made myself a bag with polar bears and Christmas lights….

  5. Lisa, I have 5 yr old triplet grandchildren who have a birthday on Nov. 30th. I gave their older brother a minkie quilt for his bday and promised the triplets each a quilt for their big day. Have I done even one of them? It’s that easy quilt as you go project, but still… I’ll get on that right away….then I will worry about Christmas!

  6. Bless your heart! You are not the only one not giving quilty gifts for the holidays. WAYYY too much stress for me. I have such a back log of gifts purchased with every intention of being finished on time that never have come to be. A shower gift for my daughter and son in law come to mind and they have been married two years this December. Nope! The only person I can stand to disappoint is myself and I won’t be that cranky, stressed, “Here’s your stupid quilt!” girl! Christmas is a celebration NOT a frenzy. Can’t go to crazy town!

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