Vending 103 The Do’s and the Don’ts


DO Remember It’s All About The People!

img_3572People, people and more people! Without connecting with others whether it’s individuals stopping by with “Flat Lisa”, students, new customers, old friends and other quilters; my passion for this craft would not continue to thrive!  Anxious thoughts of money spent on vending could have interfered with precious interactions I made with those around me.   Whether we chatted about  my blog, the humorous video on quilting scissors, or the types of projects people were considering; focusing and embracing the conversations that were brought forth is what made Houston vending so spectacular!



DON’T Send 50 Bazillion Boxes of Product to the Booth 


Those visiting Booth 1323 weren’t interested in purchasing mass quantities of rulers, they instead were focused on essential and EASY directions towards beginning a project.   So I have mentally noted that I will definitely reduce the amount of inventory I have shipped to the vending arena in the future.  Should this “happen” to slip my mind I am quite sure Drea will kindly remind me since she will be the one assisting me with unpacking all those lovely brown boxes.  I think she may be getting the short end of stick on this vending experience.  The saying “Less is More” can be heard regarding many different occasions.  Applying make up (thank goodness I like the natural look), Christmas decorations (hello, believe it or not you can over stimulate the driver cruising by that’s blinded by all the blinking, colored lights trimming the house, trees, mailbox, lamp-post, and bushes), and lastly packing for a trip (Houston comes to mind as I stuffed my bag with clothes, and toiletries that could have kept me staying for three months) are examples of hearing that phrase.   LESS is MORE pertains to vending after you disappointedly observe that the mass  amount of products you imported into your booth doesn’t sell.

Do Consideration Bringing an Alternate


Poor Judy, after trying to rally through the day food poisoning got the best of her, and she was out of commission for a day or two.  She felt extremely guilty not being able to help me in our booth; but her greenish complexion was not going to gain booth 1323 any new customers (nothing personal Judy).  In order to avoid another scenario like the invasion of food poisoning in Houston, we both felt including an alternate on next year’s venture might not be a bad idea.  Ya just never know when or how that extra little person might be beneficial.



DON’T Sweat the Small Stuff

images-4Our displays could have been shorter, the amount of product we had shipped to Houston could have been less, and my suitcase could have been lighter had I not packed sooo many doggone clothes.  The list of would’ve , should’ves could be rather lengthy if I wanted to take the time to reflect about all the little things.  But why? At the end of each day Judy and I didn’t really have complaints (well maybe Judy did have a legit right to complain about having to deal with food poisoning).  However, I had many things to smile about, and really why sweat the small stuff?  Nothing ventured, nothing gained and I am blessed with all that my quilting life brings me each day.  If I am gonna sweat anything, it’s going to be the HUGE things in life!



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