Bah Humbug to Christmas in November

It is the beginning of November and already Christmas lights, trees and various other seasonal displays are appearing everywhere I turn.  Just the other day my mailbox had me receiving Target’s first 2016 advertisement of Christmas toys.  I immediately dispensed of the eight page catalog so I wouldn’t have to endure watching Brody circling his choices of most “wished for” items that we would send to Santa.  I can only hope, and keep my fingers crossed, that my Christmas Catalog intervention will continue until the Thanksgiving holiday has been celebrated.

“Thanksgiving” is the season when we keep in mind those priceless gifts in life we receive on a daily basis. It is 30 days that should have each of us realizing, if we don’t already,  no one is promised tomorrow.  Each morning that we are given is an opportunity to better ourselves and those around us.  So although our tomorrows are being flooded with the sights and sounds of Christmas I am instituting a “RAOK Challenge” for the next 22 days.


RAOK – Random Acts of Kindness?  During my fabulous trip to Houston I kicked off my RAOK Challenge.  In case you have never heard of what this entails, it is very simple.  Completing a Random Act of Kindness essentially means doing something unselfish for anyone, anywhere, and at anytime.  Examples might be paying for the coffee the customer standing in line behind you is holding, walking up and handing a lottery ticket to an individual walking by you, or taping a little envelope with a $1.00 on a nearby RedBox machine. The ideas are endless and the spirit that fills the heart will be overwhelming.  Below you will see two instances where I wanted to create a Random Act of Kindness.


One recipient found a little something in my RAOK envelope at the coffee stand (shown above) Hope they enjoyed a cup of JAVA or soft drink!  And whoever sat in the lucky RAOK chair (shown below) was certainly smiling!img_1881-2

I now ask my peers to join me and participate in this RAOK Challenge.  If each of my fellow quilters creates a RAOK moment just think of the smiles and positive feelings we will be generating! In addition if you email me a picture you and your Random Act of Kindness (please include your name and location) to you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win both my DVD’s!!


11 thoughts on “Bah Humbug to Christmas in November

  1. This morning I stopped at a drive thru, ordered a bite to eat for breakfast – and when I got to the window, the cashier told me that the person in the truck just ahead of me paid for my order!! That has never happened to me! I was so amazed! Such a kind thing to do and it made my day!!


  2. This afternoon after my return from Houston, I prepared a slide show from my MANNNNNY pictures of the beautiful quilts on display there to show the members of my bee who couldn’t make it to Houston. I will take my computer to bee tomorrow and I hope they will enjoy the (slide) show. (They will also get a chance to see YOUR quilt!!!)

  3. Lisa, I was the very fortunate recipient of one of your sweet envelopes — found taped to inside the elevator of the convention center, very early in the morning! I was so touched (yep, I got teary!) when I opened the envelope and my husband agreed with me right there on the spot that we would do likewise and pay it forward ten fold. And that is exactly what we did yesterday here in our hometown. Your positive act of love and kindness has already touched lives and had an amazing ripple effect. God bless you for being so kind, compassionate, and downright wonderful. HUGS!

  4. Just a thought, but woulldn’t it be even better if we did this RAOK totally ANONYMOUSLY, without getting credit from anyone but ourselves?

    • Yes, doing RAOK’s anonymously is wonderful. And I assumed that people already extended Random Acts of Kindness without providing their identity. I felt that this would simply be a fun and different approach to generating Random Acts of Kindness.

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