Reality Check-Vending 102

Houston we have arrived…bring on the world of VENDING.

Since I am an individual who feels very out of control unless I have everything mapped out, down to the tiniest detail, Judy and I created a mock vending booth in my studio a few weeks prior to the event.  Together we took the morning to put together display racks and configure exactly how our “real” booth would appear once we reached Houston.  Taking into consideration all the pieces of equipment and quilting items our space required, we both felt as though a two-hour set up was more than manageable.


This ensemble was an estimated five-hour production. Not two, but five hours which is over double what this team had projected as a reasonable time frame.  What was I thinking? I obviously had the mindset of a “newbie”.  Erecting this exhibit took an exorbitant amount of energy and time which we were depleted of by the half way mark.  Oh, that’s right, the “half way mark” was what Judy and I thought would be the allotted time needed to furnish our booth.


Five hours later, our mission was accomplished.  Deep breaths were taken, and our back and minds were aching.   Nevertheless, as you can see below, Judy was rearing and ready to go for all our Houston quilters!


Thank you Houston for an amazing vending experience! Judy and I are having a  wonderful time and will be heading back to Pennsylvania having learned so much. I have compiled a list or rather lists of “What to Do” and “What Not to Do” for our next vending adventure.  I am very curious to see if we can minimize the five-hour installation time.   Do you have any insight to bestow upon this green vendor? As you can see I could definitely use any and all tips you have to offer!

If you haven’t been by the booth and are in Houston, its booth #1323.  Love to see you and Flat Lisa.


8 thoughts on “Reality Check-Vending 102

  1. Your booth looks very inviting and easy to get around. Love it , sure do wish I could go to Houston, but that is not in the cards. What is the paper holder? on your table? Looks very useful for paper piecing and pattern designing. Have a great time and keep updating us.

  2. In my experience, when you estimate time always double it. Time goes faster than you think. Your booth looks great. What took you 5 hours to put together will probably take you less than an hour to take down. Hope you have a great time at Houston.

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Your booth looks great! and I have to admit that, like you, I would have probably done a ‘mock-up’ too!! Each time you set up and tear down you will gain more insights and experience.
    It was so much fun meeting you, seeing (and buying) your rulers, and getting advice–thank you. Maybe see you one more time at the show on Sunday.
    Bernice from Canada

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