Was it a Trick or a Treat?

Have you ever felt like a child in a FAO Schwarz store as you meander up and down the aisle’s of a quilt show viewing all the new gadgets and other various products that are guaranteed to make your life easier?  How about when you spot that one precise item and your inner voice shouts “Oh my goodness I HAVE to HAVE that!”, because you are certain this is just too good to pass up! Yes, you begin to regress into a 5-year-old.  I am revisiting a memory on a quilt show, some time ago, where that exact experience occurred to my friend Karen and I.  We were casually strolling the aisles, pointing the “isn’t that neat” item on our left, and the “that might be useful” thing on our right when our eyes became transfixed on this fabulous lint roller!  At a certain age it’s the practical things in life that make our eyes pop in desire, and the infomercial the sales lady presented had my head nodding in confirmation that this was a sure thing .  After her promotion concluded both Karen and I exited her booth each carrying a bag containing this miracle lint roller.


According to the Lint Lady’s exhibit this gadget NOT ONLY picks up every little piece of thread, fuzzy, hair etc., but there is no need to invest in another lint roller EVER! Seriously, this lovely product will save you money because all it requires is running the pink rubbery portion under water and then “Whala” it’s ready to reuse.  Arriving home could not happen soon enough; oh the time and money I was going to save had me giggling like a school girl.  Upon using my handy-dandy lint roller I quickly realized I must have visited a mini magic show, and that sales woman must have been a magician. MY lint roller didn’t do diddley!  Washing away all the little particles, as directed, didn’t prove easy or as efficient as she had made  appear (or should I say had made disappear).  Whatever trick she revealed that day was well staged. For Karen and I there was no treat in that so-called fabulous lint roller.  Nope, that day was reminiscent of those Halloween evenings when I eagerly dumped out my pillowcase filled with treats; overzealous to enjoy a few before being escorted to bed.  And as those treats spilled across the plush carpet all the night’s excitement was lost when I observed that 99% of the candy was Charleston Chews (not my favorite).

Have you experienced a Trick or Treat? I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Halloween!!