Under the Influence….


Playing Hookie designed in 2006; I would venture to say it jump started my quilting career.  As I reflect on this piece it is evident to me that Linda V. Taylor and Renae Haddadin were a major influence.  These two women provided me with the inspiration as I allowed Playing Hookie to dance along my long arm and gradually becoming an award winner.   If you were asked to gaze upon your quilts and think about how they originated, would you conclude that one or some had threads of inspiration sew throughout?  Two great quilters for me are also, Kim Brunner and Jamie Wallen.  I realize with much gratitude that without these amazing quilters, who have influenced my art immensely,  I would not where I am today.


Each of the woman I spoke of instructed amazing classes. As one of their students I gained a plethora of knowledge and loved every minute of it.  Trust me, the benefit from stepping into various classes and being enlighten by a wide range of instructors will only heighten your quilting journey.   When I began quilting my goal was to grow into the seasoned quilters that I respected and admired.  Yet, it became very clear that I quickly began acquiring small bits from each instructor.  What transpired was that all these little pieces evolved into my own style.  I will frequently hear my students express that they want to eventually quilt just like me.  And while I am ever so flattered by their kind remarks my secret hope for them is that, like me, they too can find their own style.  My feeling is this:  Just like every quilt displays its unique design so should every individual.  That is my hope for each student I encounter.  Go ahead and find your own flair of quilting.  Because just as we observe uniqueness in patterns, colors, techniques, the same should hold true for the students learning this craft.  Yes, be inspired, learn from the best, but be true to your own uniqueness and “YOUR” style will make itself known.

Who has inspired you? What has made your journey of quilting what is today?



8 thoughts on “Under the Influence….

  1. My inspirational instructors were Judy Woodworth, Dusty Farrell, and Dawn Cavanaugh. But it was a customer who really encouraged me to step out and find my own creative zone, when she said, “Just work your magic.” I started to take chances with my work; tried some things I hadn’t seen done.
    I attend the AQS show in Des Moines, Iowa every fall. The show itself is energizing, and closely examining the award winners is very instructive.

  2. I quilt on a domestic machine, and had the good fortune to take a five day workshop from Diane Gaudynski. That made a huge difference in my quilting as well as my confidence. I also took a one day class from Sharon Schamber, which also influenced me. I love reading quilting blogs and magazines, which give me all kinds of ideas. However, nothing substitutes for actually quilting.

  3. My initial inspiration to properly learn FMQ was Philippa Naylor – I’ve never taken a class with her but I watched her on The Quilt Show and that took me off because I found I could do her version of feathers. Then you came along with your video series Feathered Friday where you explored different kind of feathers and that was a light bulb moment for me and I went off down the feather track. The only class I have taken on FMQ was about 15 years ago and that was so focused on having to do meandering in order to quilt a quilt and that doesn’t click in my brain I was put off and only did WFQ for years. Now I just do anything the comes into my brain and love it. I did a lot of practise little but often but now I find that I can get “back on the bike” and fairly quickly stop wobbling around especially if I start off by drawing first.
    So from the bottom of my heart Thank You for being such an inspiration and free spirit in your approach. If ever you come to teach in Europe I will do my utmost to come and take your class.

  4. Lisa, that quilt is beautiful! Your style is amazing. I love how you take simple patterns and totally change them into truly stunning quilts. Sue Nickels, Judi Madsen, Diane Gaudinski, Beth Ann Nemesh, Cindy Needham, Renae Haddadin and Anita Shakelford are just a few of the women who inspire me. There are so many great artists out there. I see beautiful quilting on Pinterest all the time. While quilt patterns still inspire me, it is the quilting that sets them apart. I still struggle daily with the question, ‘how shall I quilt this?’

  5. Under the INFLUNCE!
    My first LA class 2006 was with Laura Farnham – Colorado. I want to know if LA was before purchasing one. I am now the owner of a LA w/computer and have started my own business “Bliss Quilter”. 2012 I took was Deloa Jones @ HoustonQF. Since I have seen all of Jamie Wallen’s YouTube classes and have most of his rulers and video’s. I also have a converted piece of his Hand Dyed Radiance, waiting for the right design to be born. I found Kim Brunner on Crafty. Then I found the IQuilt Classes and have taken all of Bethanne Nemesh classes. And Last but not Least all of Lisa Calle’s Classes on IQuilt. I stubble on Lisa by accident through IQuilt – It has been a blessing since. I am so excited and keep watching them over and over and over. I am also taking her class this year at HoustonQF – “Yippie” – preparing every day. Thank you Lisa for sharing. See you soon.

  6. I started out on my sewing machine so Cindy Needham influenced me a lot. Now that I have my longarm it has been Lisa Calle (!), Judi Madsen and recently Jamie Wallen.

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