Under the Influence….


Playing Hookie designed in 2006; I would venture to say it jump started my quilting career.  As I reflect on this piece it is evident to me that Linda V. Taylor and Renae Haddadin were a major influence.  These two women provided me with the inspiration as I allowed Playing Hookie to dance along my long arm and gradually becoming an award winner.   If you were asked to gaze upon your quilts and think about how they originated, would you conclude that one or some had threads of inspiration sew throughout?  Two great quilters for me are also, Kim Brunner and Jamie Wallen.  I realize with much gratitude that without these amazing quilters, who have influenced my art immensely,  I would not where I am today.


Each of the woman I spoke of instructed amazing classes. As one of their students I gained a plethora of knowledge and loved every minute of it.  Trust me, the benefit from stepping into various classes and being enlighten by a wide range of instructors will only heighten your quilting journey.   When I began quilting my goal was to grow into the seasoned quilters that I respected and admired.  Yet, it became very clear that I quickly began acquiring small bits from each instructor.  What transpired was that all these little pieces evolved into my own style.  I will frequently hear my students express that they want to eventually quilt just like me.  And while I am ever so flattered by their kind remarks my secret hope for them is that, like me, they too can find their own style.  My feeling is this:  Just like every quilt displays its unique design so should every individual.  That is my hope for each student I encounter.  Go ahead and find your own flair of quilting.  Because just as we observe uniqueness in patterns, colors, techniques, the same should hold true for the students learning this craft.  Yes, be inspired, learn from the best, but be true to your own uniqueness and “YOUR” style will make itself known.

Who has inspired you? What has made your journey of quilting what is today?