Change of Seasons – Change of Thread……



I am witnessing the leaves slowly falling off the trees and creating a quilt of foliage on the ground below.  It also has become obvious that when I climb into my vehicle my body screams “Turn on the doggone seat warmer”!  So begrudgingly I believe  it is time the bathing suits and shorts need to retire until 2017.  I absolutely LOVE cold weather…said this quilter never!  And the thought of filling my closet with sweaters, turtlenecks  and long pants already has me feeling the winter blues.   Palm trees, Jimmy Buffett music, and a personal cabana boy that serves me tropical drinks while I quilt sounds like the ideal living situation.  But it’s back to reality; I will have to make do with  playing Reggae music and fueling up the fireplace so I can walk around the studio barefoot.

Which brings me asking you a few question: Do any of you change the way you go about quilting in the winter?  How about your fabrics? Do the seasons of fall and winter have you selecting different fabrics for your projects? And are your color schemes and time you put forth quilting altered?  Although I really detest the cold, and I mean really detest the cold, it does not have me deviating from my color and fabric preferences.  I guess I refuse to give up the vibe of warmer weather.  My quilting time actually ends earlier during the warm, sunshine summer filled days where I can make time for my of love of golf, and other outdoor activities.   The “I don’t want to leave my house or get out of my  pajama days of winter” instills a desire to be more productive and descending into the studio.  Sadly, there is no golfing, so in order to transmit a little sunshine into my day I submerge myself into quilting.

Binding my quilts in the winter is one of my all time favorite things to do.  When I find myself perched by the fire with a quilt on my lap performing handwork I am definitely in my happy place.  If I could just save them all for  December, January and February life would be great; ugh those three LONG months.   Since my thoughts are in “cold temperature mode” they have me considering broaching a new appliqué project for the upcoming season.  Hold on a second, I forgot.   I actually have a UFO that needs to be completed; what great timing!  It seems I need to finalize the appliqué on this project…..


During the brainstorming of this design I envisioned purples and greens; which is more the typical color choice for me.  This color scheme completely falls outside my color wheel and has me feeling very unsettled.  As I stare at what I have accomplished thus far I question myself “Should I pursue what I have put in motion, or do I contemplate revamping my initial design”?  Such decisions, what’s a quilter to do?

I’d love to hear about your winter quilting rituals.


13 thoughts on “Change of Seasons – Change of Thread……

  1. I like it Lisa… sometimes we step out of the box even when we don’t intend to…. the pattern lends itself to some awesome quilting…. looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. I happen to like all of the seasons for different reasons but late summer early autumn makes me want to use rich greens, purples and reds whereas winter makes me pull all the bright colours together, summer have me reach for blues but that is because the older I get the more I struggle with hot weather so the blues make me think of bright winter skyes.
    On the subject of your PhD I think you should put on a sweater and stay with what you’ve done, finish the appliqué and go all out on the quiting. Look forward to seeing it when you have it ready to bind!

  3. There is a lot of work you already put into this lovely quilt, why would you want to change it now? Finish it up and start another one. The fun is in the starting, not the ripping and redoing.

  4. I can’t wait to see this one quilted…I adore this quilt. I want this quilt. Love it! Finish it and then send it to me!!
    I love Oregon just for the fact that I can stay in my jammies all day and quilt most of the year. And this coming from a California transplant!

  5. When it is really cold and snowy out, I like to set up my machine in my portable table and piece in front of the fire. I don’t think I color by season… I’ll have to think on that! As far as your quilt goes –go with your gut instinct. It will be great.

  6. In the summer I have to quilt in the mornings because it gets too hot in my studio (no a/c, just a fan) and I hate dripping sweat on my quilts! In the winter, I have to go upstairs and turn on the heater in my studio an hour or so before I head up there to quilt so I don’t freeze. I once left a can of soda up there over night and it was frozen solid the next morning!!! I don’t change the colors I use depending on the season, I just just what I love or what the person I’m making a quilt for wants.

  7. I find myself using more spring and summer oriented fabrics during the winter…so the finished product is ready for the new seasons….and during the spring and summer I make fall and Christmas oriented projects…..I agree that binding during the winter is so much easier to accomplish vs. the hot summer(even with air conditioning)….sitting with a quilt on my lap during July is difficult!

  8. I don’t have color-choice changes. But I like to “play” with different types of quilting during the winter (at which time I pretty much hibernate and have more free time), i.e. painted flowers for a quilt center block, then thread painting over the painted flowers in order to make more realistic, This is my time to play with other methods that I don’t normally use in everyday quilting,.

  9. Well, Lisa, since it’s so awful hot in Arizona in the summer months, I can’t stand having a quilt on my lap or even bunched up to quilt. So I piece in the summer in my RV and quilt it in the winter. (by the way, it was 92 degrees yesterday-ugh.) Come on Winter!!

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