John Doe Has to Go!

Now that Drea has stepped foot into my quilting world, things in the studio are changing, for the better of course.  Her desire to pave a path for success has the two of us brainstorming on a regular basis.  Daily huddles have been incorporated keeping us, well mainly me, focused and on the same page as we go about our tasks.  During our most recent “huddle” we thought it might be a good idea that my blog was no longer nameless.  Drea and I spent the afternoon exchanging many different names.  Thoughts poured out of our mouths, and within moments the sound of laughter filled my studio. I later had to convince my husband that we were in fact being productive; our enjoyment heard from above didn’t bring the sound of “working hard” to his ears.  Titles swirled around the room and eventually we agreed on three potential candidates.  But which one? After struggling for quite some time we concluded that in order to resolve this matter my readers would need to contribute .  So inquiring minds want to know, which title below do you think is deserving of bearing the name of my blog?

  1.  Living on a Thread
  2.  Life in Stitches
  3. The Threads of Life

The name lies in your hands my fellow quilters.  Upon receiving your responses majority vote decides the title, and I will be happy to say that I no longer exhibit a John Doe blog!



Here She is…Flat Lisa!

I know you may be a bit curious about Flat Lisa.  Have you been wondering “What the heck is Flat Lisa, and what does she do?”  Well, there is nothing I love more than discovering stories and witnessing what those loving this craft experience in the quilting world. And I mean all over the world.  That being said I am going GLOBAL!  Allow me to take part in your quilting adventures as you design, travel and embrace this aspect of your life. Simply take Flat Lisa with you and send me a picture of our time together via email.  Make sure you include our location so I can notate where I  have traveled abroad.  Photographs will be posted, and all participants will be entered into a drawing being held at then end of the month.  One lucky winner will receive a copy of my new book “Divide and Design”!  I am eager to see what quilters world-wide bestow upon me. Without further ado Flat Lisa is ready for take off!  (To print off the picture of Flat Lisa, right click and save to your computer.)