Sobering Up brings “A New Spin on Drunkard’s Path” by John Kubiniec and a Giveaway!


My first blog hop, YES! I’ve always wanted to participate in one, so imagine my excitement when John Kubiniec asked me to take part in his Blog Hop?! I have learned so much personally and professionally throughout this project, it definitely has made me a better quilter.  So enjoy this Blog Hop and don’t forget the added bonus of entering in the giveaway posted at the conclusion of this post!


One of the many things I loved about doing this Blog Hop for John is that it has made me tackle and improve on one of my quilting skills.  Many of my fellow readers know that curved piecing is not my forte.  Stepping outside the box into curved piecing brings tiny beads of sweat to my forehead.   Don’t we all have a tendency to delay doing things we aren’t confident in? Well that’s how this quilter feels about curved piecing.  Although I have incorporated them into some of my designs, I definitely could step my game up a bit.  That being said,  John’s book, “A New Spin on Drunkard’s Path”, educates the reader on this component of quilting.  John has paved the way for those “curved piecing challenged” individuals, like myself, by composing ALL 12 quilts illustrated in his book with variations of the Drunkard’s Path Block.

John imparts an amazing technique on how to execute the artistry of curved piecing.  He has me so inspired that I may have to give his three pin method a whirl! But my love for quilting is where my passion dwells, therefore,  I couldn’t wait to pursue some of that open space.  It no secret that I use a three-step  method for designing the quilting on all of my pieces.  I definitely  suffer from “spacial”  issues… flashbacks of failing grades in HS geometry come to mind.  In order to compensate for this mathematical disability I ensure that my quilts are evenly quilted, I do so by making sure everything is quilted.  Just because I apply this into my method does not mean that you have to.  By all means, if you passed HS geometry  then make life simpler for yourself!  If you are not a fan of heavily quilted tops, you may consider completing only steps 1 and 2 of the instructions below.

Which project to choose? It was so difficult, John presents many beautiful options, but Nightfall on page 44 spoke to me. It exhibited a large portion of open space which I found yelling “Lisa put your big girl pants on and get curved piecing!”  So I did just that; now let the games begin!


Step one:  Divide up the quilt.   This will break the wide open space into more manageable spaces.  I use echoed lines to accomplish the dividing… if you use the piecing in the quilt to help, it will minimize the marking that needs to be done. Start in the center of your quilt as that is the focal point.


Step two:  Design for the open spaces…. when I look at all of the areas  that I have created, I like to alternate where my design work is going to go.  Design work is any of the motifs… feathers, ferns, flowers etc.  As you can see, I like feathers…


Step  three:  This step is when I put in all of the fill work.  If you do not like your quilts heavily quilted you can skip this part and have a cuddable…



Like I mentioned earlier, I am not proficient in the curved piecing department,  but John’s 3 pin method had me intrigued.  So listening to my inner voice I hiked up my big girl pants and gave it a try….

I created my own templates using the pattern John provided in his book.


Just as John advises I used only three pins…. I have to admit I was skeptical, only three pins?  But any reservations quickly disappeared, I did it!!


Bottom line…this once “curved piece challenged” girl will be stepping outside the box a bit more often and including curved piecing in her designs.  Trust me if I can execute this skill with more positivity and enjoyment you can too! Let John enlighten you and give you the ability to quilt peacefully!

Are you intrigued???  Well you can win a copy of John’s new book AND a set of the templates!  Leave a comment, making sure you’re email address is included and I will pick a winner on Oct.8th!! Good Luck!

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Have fun!!!




137 thoughts on “Sobering Up brings “A New Spin on Drunkard’s Path” by John Kubiniec and a Giveaway!

  1. When I saw the title to the post my first thought was “what could possibly be fresh about Drunkard’s Path — it’s been around forever”. Wow, was I surprised! I love the pattern you’ve shown and the picture on the cover is amazing. Thanks for giving us ideas about dividing the space — that is probably my most challenging step. I’d love a chance to win this book — the three pin concept is intriguing and incomprehensible at the moment! susan.stitch at

  2. Lisa, love your drawing. Been following you for a while. I think we all get a little skeptical when we try something new. Love this book!

  3. I too have trouble with curved piecing. The three pin method sounds interesting. I will be on the look out for this book at my local book store. Love how you designed the quilting for the example.

  4. I was excited to read your blog about Johns Drunkard Path quilts, It is my all time favorite block, so I’ll be very excited to have his book!

  5. I just finished a quilt along that had curved piecing–not as hard as it looks! I love your block and would love to see the other ideas in John’s book-he is coming to our guild in May-if I win, he could sign my book! You’ve given me ideas for how to quilt my curves!

  6. I am intrigued. Like you, curved piecing has always taken a back seat in my repertoire of sewing and quilting skills! Thanks for this opportunity and for showing how to consider the quilting process.

  7. I was really intrigued by the variations of Druckards Path and I love the way you divided up the quilt . You are a genius!! I would definitely investigate more on the topic and would love to win the book.

  8. Maybe I’ll “put on my big girl pants” and try curved piecing too… thx Lisa form the post…. love your quilting plan

  9. I was just saying to my local quilt shop owner that I needed a class in curved piecing, as it intimidates the heck out of me!! This book would be perfect!!!! I love your quilting plan too!!!

  10. As usual your quilt designing is fantastic. The book looks great! It’s always mind blowing to see how someone can take the old and make it new and fresh again.

  11. I love trying new techniques. I would love to win the book and venture into more modern designs. I also have a request for you to do a blog post on your sand stippling. I would love some more information on the process and close up pictures. Thanks for all you do!

  12. As always, beautiful design in the quilting. I will be trying this. I have done some drunkards path, I loved it but it was tedious, I will be trying John’s method.

  13. I *love* Drunkard’s Path quilts, but I have to make the blocks oversized and cut them down to get them to be “right”. I’d love to explore this technique for better accuracy!

  14. This pattern alone is worth buying the book. Love it and the quilting you have drawn out. I, too, am not very friendly with curves, but I might give it a try.

  15. I guess we all need a push towards trying something we’ve been avoiding for a while. I think curved piecing is one of those things. You’ve been encouraging so maybe one day soon, I’ll give it a try.

  16. I enjoy making the Drunkard Path block. I learned a bit of a “trick” in how you line it up to start with and then before you know it….it’s done and pretty near perfect! Would be interesting to see all the variations of how to lay-out the blocks in John’s book.

  17. Can’t help being a skeptic. Have tried many techniques for curves and never satisfied with the results. Okay but not good enough.

  18. This book looks fantastic and would help me overcome the curved piecing intimidation. Thanks for showing us how you would quilt this block—-beautiful.

  19. Wow, Lisa, that looks good! And I love your design for the Drunkard Path quilt! So if you are willing to give it a try, so will I.

  20. Lisa ~ I, too have been skeptical about curved piecing. This year I am trying triangles, and my early resolution for next year is curves! I would just love a chance at trying John’s technique since you seem to have had so much success using it. Thanks!

  21. I will definitely be visiting John’s blog, as I’m challenged with curved piercing as well. The Drunkards Path block is one off my favorites, but I always seem to mess it up.
    As always, your quilting inspires me, and now your curved piercing success does as well.

  22. I haven’t tried curved piecing either, but seeing all the beautiful quilts in John’s book sure makes me want to try.
    Thanks for the chance.

  23. I am very timid about curves and have tried a few methods. As you say, one more time might be the charm, and I’ll give it a shot. Lisa your quilting is beautiful. Do you give private lessons?

  24. Smiled at the way your urged yourself on to tackle the curves. Love how you described how you might quilt. Now I know that no amount of urging would give me the ability to quilt feathers as you described. Back to practice yields progress.

  25. I hope I can find your lovely quilting designs when I finally finish my Nightfall quilt. In the last 2 years I’ve come to terms with curves and ‘y’ seams. Next step, improv. Wish me luck.

  26. I really do want to get better at sewing with curves and would love to get a start on that Bowties quilt using my scraps! It’s gorgeous!

  27. I’m not proficient at curves either, at least the Drunkard’s Path kind. I came from garment sewing and had no trouble there, but these little seams are challenging. I’m on my 3rd Drunkard’s Path project-practice, practice, practice.

  28. Well sorry I reply and I think it was to the wrong place. I would love to WIN his book and Templets. As I keep trying, I am not sure that maybe I cut my curves to sharp.
    Having his book would be a great learning experience for me! Thanks

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  30. Lisa, I love your quilts. I listened to your talk in Chattanooga, TN in September and bought your book. I love the curved piecing and learned from my grandmother how to hand piece it , but the
    three pin method is alot better. I can’t wait to try your method of quilting with John’s path. I’m going to have to pick which of your
    templates to use. Thanks for your work.

  31. I have never thought to make a drunkard path–it seems to predictable but, the pictures on the blog hop make me want to make one now!

  32. I love the more modern look to the curved piecing and the opportunities it brings to quilting possibilities. Thank you for inspiring me and encouraging me to try it.

  33. I fear bias edges but the quilts look delicious and my curiosity is piqued. I’ll have to work up the nerve. Thank you for the giveaway!

  34. It sounds like John got you hooked on curved piecing! I love the look, but not so crazy about the actual process of sewing them. I need more practice, so I need this book with John’s advice and encouragement. I love that Bowtie Quilt!

  35. What beautiful quilts are in the book. Would love to learn this method with 3 pins. Thanks for showing us the different steps you do with your quilting. A great idea and beautiful designs!

    Thanks for a chance to win.


  36. I’m intrigued! Especially after seeing your quilt design on the Drunkard’s Path…beautiful!! Thanks for the opportunity Lisa.

  37. I am definitely intrigued!! 🙂 I am a chicken about trying curved piecing!! lol Thank you for the encouragement & chance to win your Give-a-way too!! 🙂

  38. Drunkards Path has always been on my to do list but until now there just wasn’t anything special about it. I was fascinated with your progress on the quilting design. Your design makes the quilt. Thanks for the chance at such a great book. Rina – edrin1932 (at) gmail (dot) com

  39. Wow! Love the header quilt shown on this blog page!! I have always been a fan of DP quilts, but never made one. Other quilts seem to get done first. Time to rethink!

  40. I’m loving this blog hop, so many variations on the Drunkard’s Path that need exploring. Thanks for the chance on a book. grinnie1961 at gmail dot com

  41. Hmm, I am tempted to try this 3-pin method! And your quilting suggestions are great! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  42. Yes, I am intrigued! If I’m not lucky enough to win a copy of this book, it’s definitely going on my Christmas wish list!

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