Was it a Trick or a Treat?

Have you ever felt like a child in a FAO Schwarz store as you meander up and down the aisle’s of a quilt show viewing all the new gadgets and other various products that are guaranteed to make your life easier?  How about when you spot that one precise item and your inner voice shouts “Oh my goodness I HAVE to HAVE that!”, because you are certain this is just too good to pass up! Yes, you begin to regress into a 5-year-old.  I am revisiting a memory on a quilt show, some time ago, where that exact experience occurred to my friend Karen and I.  We were casually strolling the aisles, pointing the “isn’t that neat” item on our left, and the “that might be useful” thing on our right when our eyes became transfixed on this fabulous lint roller!  At a certain age it’s the practical things in life that make our eyes pop in desire, and the infomercial the sales lady presented had my head nodding in confirmation that this was a sure thing .  After her promotion concluded both Karen and I exited her booth each carrying a bag containing this miracle lint roller.


According to the Lint Lady’s exhibit this gadget NOT ONLY picks up every little piece of thread, fuzzy, hair etc., but there is no need to invest in another lint roller EVER! Seriously, this lovely product will save you money because all it requires is running the pink rubbery portion under water and then “Whala” it’s ready to reuse.  Arriving home could not happen soon enough; oh the time and money I was going to save had me giggling like a school girl.  Upon using my handy-dandy lint roller I quickly realized I must have visited a mini magic show, and that sales woman must have been a magician. MY lint roller didn’t do diddley!  Washing away all the little particles, as directed, didn’t prove easy or as efficient as she had made  appear (or should I say had made disappear).  Whatever trick she revealed that day was well staged. For Karen and I there was no treat in that so-called fabulous lint roller.  Nope, that day was reminiscent of those Halloween evenings when I eagerly dumped out my pillowcase filled with treats; overzealous to enjoy a few before being escorted to bed.  And as those treats spilled across the plush carpet all the night’s excitement was lost when I observed that 99% of the candy was Charleston Chews (not my favorite).

Have you experienced a Trick or Treat? I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Halloween!!

Flat Lisa is in Henderson Nevada!

We have a winner for this month’s Flat Lisa!!!

Yes, Flat Lisa made it outside Pennsylvania! Thank you to all of those that sent in pictures with Flat Lisa, you’re pictures will be submitted for next month’s drawing! Want more chances to win, then send us more pictures.  For every picture submitted, we will add an additional entry to the drawing!


Congratulations to Sandy in Henderson Nevada!! She is the winner of  my book “Divide and Design”.





November brings a new drawing and another chance to to win! Send us your moment with Flat Lisa and enter to win a $50 gift certificate to Lisa H Calle LLC!! Winner will be drawn at the end of November.

*** If you are attending the Houston International Quilt Festival, bring Flat Lisa and get a picture with you, Flat Lisa and Lisa Calle and your entry will be put in TWICE! Remember to email your photos to Lisahcalle@me.com including your name and location.

Good Luck!

Drea’s Hitting the Books “The Language Of Quilting”



There are so many learning curves being presented to Drea as she begin this new endeavor.  Perhaps the most critical element for her to embrace is that of learning and understanding the Quilting Language.  Flashbacks of Spanish 101 are bombarding her mind.  Those days back in high school when she spent countless evenings memorizing Espanola vocabulary for the next day’s quiz.  Now many moons later she find herself hearing words and looking at me with furrowed brows saying “Huh, you want me to learn about SID??”  I had to reassure her that this was, in fact, a term pertaining to quilting.  Not a new health topic that she would frantically need to research and discuss with her fourteen year old son in the near future.

Now that I’m temporarily a “A Foreign Language teacher of Quilting”, Drea is being tutored on various quilting terms that I feel are essential.  Those fundamental concepts and words that she will hear frequently.  I found this day of schooling to be quite humorous and felt inclined to share this session with all my peers. Therefore, below you will observe a few words I unveiled to Drea.  You will note Drea’s perception of what these words signify and then the enlightenment I bestowed upon her.

SID (Stitch in the Ditch) – No, not a topic now being required by health teachers to educate those entering high school; but Stitching in the Ditch is a machine quilting technique that involves quilting in the seam line.

DSM (Domestic Sewing Machine) – This is not an artificial sweetener now being placed in consumer bought products to reduce calorie intake.  It is a device that stitches materials together with thread. They range from foot-operated or electric domestic machines to large, industrial machines. Sewing machines are mainly used to make clothing faster and easier than is possible by hand. According to Drea she was required to use one of these in Home Economic class in 9th grade to create a skirt that had to be worn to school.  Let’s just say Drea wore shorts under her newest article of clothing on that designated “wear your skirt” school day.

FAT (Fabric Acquisition Trip) – Drea was offended that I was bringing her calorie, and carbohydrate content into the studio.  I was happy to educate her on the fact that it simply means “buying fabric”.  This doesn’t have to be an ugly word people!  And no, I don’t stash my fabric.

Feed Dogs – In Drea’s home this implies that promptly at  5:30 am and 5:00 pm her two cockapoos will begin begging and whimpering until they are given their evening meal.  To those of us that quilt it is a toothed metal piece under stitch plate that moves fabric along.

UFO (Unfinished Project) – Drea was shocked and disappointed to learn we weren’t talking about the movies, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, “E.T.”, or “Men in Black”.  Sorry Drea, these are pieces that have been put aside and are incomplete.

FQ (Fat Quarter a Square Quarter of a Yard) –  Adding a little spice to our class time Drea depicted herself as contestant on Quilters Jeopardy, buzzing in a few times with responses, “What is Fairly quick?”  Her second attempt “What is frequent questions?”  And her final chance at answering correctly “What is  financial quotients?” In my best “Alex Trebek” voice I leaned forward stating “Sorry Drea those are incorrect, the correct answer would be , What is a piece of fabric that measure ~ 18 inches by 22 inches”.   My recommendation is for her to forget Jeopardy; after completing this course Drea will be a stellar Wheel of Fortunate contestant!

Tackling the Quilting Language will be an ongoing process for my new assistant.  After turning forty the mind isn’t what it used to be, but I am confident that she will gain the ability to speak fluently in the language of quilting.

Do you have a favorite quilting term you feel is key for Drea to build into her quilting repertoire?  I would love hear from you! This is just one of many learning curves my “Jenny” will need to conquer; but she is willing and ready to take on the Quilting Language!








Flat Lisa is STILL in Pennsylvania?? Say It Isn’t So!!

WHAT,  Flat Lisa is STILL in Pennsylvania?! Say It Isn’t So!!  img_8873

Where is everyone? I know quilters reside in places other than Pennsylvania, so why is Flat Lisa stuck in Pennsylvania? Okay, perhaps you missed the Flat Lisa Reveal, maybe you skipped the Flat Lisa Reveal, or I suppose there is a slight possibility you aren’t interested in Flat Lisa.? Regardless, I will say it again I am eager to view my quilting friends globally.  That being said I’d like, one more time, to introduce Flat Lisa! Share with me your quilting studio, classes, shows etc.(be creative if you’d like).  Simply right-click on Flat Lisa below, save it to your computer and print out copy.  Take a selfie with you and Flat Lisa and send your picture via email to Lisahcalle@me.com  –It’s that easy!!

****Make sure you include your location so that I can track where my adventures have taken me. All photographs will be posted AND you will be entered to win a copy of my book “Divide and Design”.  A winner will be drawn for end of this month.  You don’t have a lot of time, so come on quilting friends I know you’re out there!!



Vending…A Newbie’s Take


It’s mid October when children, and some parents, are counting down the days until Halloween.  Yes, the one night of the year that delivers it’s evening of trick or treaters, and candy that will keep me on a sugar high for the next 2 months.  Yet, my reality has me counting down the days until I head to Houston.  This trip will have Judy and I gone for nine days; the longest I have been away from my family to attend a show.  Currently I am being attacked by LISTS.  Post-It notes can be found floating like mini ghosts from every part of my computer monitor whispering “Lisa we are here, and you have many things to do”.  Boxes are stacked, suitcases are opened and my mind is swirling.  Right now I feel like Dorothy as I look around the studio thinking “Soon I won’t be in Pottstown anymore”.

Step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, it’s okay to feel uncomfortable; these are all things I can be heard impressing upon my students.  Now it’s time for me to practice what I preach.  Houston will give me my first experience at vending during a show.  My comfort zone has been in the classroom, that being said “Vending” is a whole new ballgame for this girl.  Am I stressed? No way.  Actually “freaking out” fits my demeanor.  There are soo many facets to this trip!

Here’s my typical routine: Pack vehicle, drive to destination, unload and set up.  Easy Peasy! If I missed something while loading the car, oh well no biggie, I can live without it for a few days.  Not this venture!  Most of the “Lisa Supervising” is being dispatched elsewhere. All my products are being shipped straight from the manufacturer; which means, to this Control Nazi, that I am basically leaving everything in the hands of the Expo Center.  Trust me, I will arrive holding my breath, fingers crossed and possessing a rabbit’s foot in my pocket.


Producing a display.  Remember I am a vending newbie so improving upon its appearance will be shown next go around.  Yes, I am sure I could have spent mega bucks through the Expo Center but my money tree needs some watering.  With wheels already turning for some bells and whistles I will include next time I’m vending; I am still satisfied with what we are sharing in Houston.  Last week I delivered my booth apparatus and products to Rob and Judy of Olde City Quilts in Burlington NJ.  They will also be in attendance and have graciously offered to transport my belongings since they are driving to Houston.  Thanks Rob and Judy!  I owe you a beer, wine, whatever your beverage of choice may be!

Right now this vending adventure definitely has me filled me with a few emotions that coincide with the Halloween season.  Just as one would feel entering a haunted house, those feelings of apprehension  and uncertainty have embraced me as I continually wonder what the vending world has in store for me. Hopefully all the many moving parts of this new aspect of quilting will fall into place, and I will look back on this extravaganza and realize I was over thinking everything.

***Don’t miss out on the class I am teaching while in Houston.. Divide, Design and Get it done!! There is still time to sign up! The class is being held on Monday Oct 31st., and is based on my book and DVD.  Of course this had me packing yet another set of boxes full of class supplies, rulers, etc. but it has me stepping back into my comfort zone for a little while on this trip!


No Houston?? You’ve got a problem..NOT! SALE TIME!!



Does you busy life have you missing out on the up coming Houston International Quilt Festival?  No worries,  I’ve got your back! From October 21-23, I will running a “Missed Opportunity Sale”.  I understand conflicts sneak their  way into our quilting excursions, therefore, I decided to bring a little Houston your way.  So take advantage of  THIS opportunity to purchase products being showcased while we attend the Houston International Quilt Festival.  Here is the beautiful thing, SHIPPING is FREE on any domestic orders!! So visit my website Lisa H Calle LLC and scroll among my products  knowing you can enjoy a purchase, or two, even if Texas isn’t in your travel plans!




Under the Influence….


Playing Hookie designed in 2006; I would venture to say it jump started my quilting career.  As I reflect on this piece it is evident to me that Linda V. Taylor and Renae Haddadin were a major influence.  These two women provided me with the inspiration as I allowed Playing Hookie to dance along my long arm and gradually becoming an award winner.   If you were asked to gaze upon your quilts and think about how they originated, would you conclude that one or some had threads of inspiration sew throughout?  Two great quilters for me are also, Kim Brunner and Jamie Wallen.  I realize with much gratitude that without these amazing quilters, who have influenced my art immensely,  I would not where I am today.


Each of the woman I spoke of instructed amazing classes. As one of their students I gained a plethora of knowledge and loved every minute of it.  Trust me, the benefit from stepping into various classes and being enlighten by a wide range of instructors will only heighten your quilting journey.   When I began quilting my goal was to grow into the seasoned quilters that I respected and admired.  Yet, it became very clear that I quickly began acquiring small bits from each instructor.  What transpired was that all these little pieces evolved into my own style.  I will frequently hear my students express that they want to eventually quilt just like me.  And while I am ever so flattered by their kind remarks my secret hope for them is that, like me, they too can find their own style.  My feeling is this:  Just like every quilt displays its unique design so should every individual.  That is my hope for each student I encounter.  Go ahead and find your own flair of quilting.  Because just as we observe uniqueness in patterns, colors, techniques, the same should hold true for the students learning this craft.  Yes, be inspired, learn from the best, but be true to your own uniqueness and “YOUR” style will make itself known.

Who has inspired you? What has made your journey of quilting what is today?



Stash or No stash

No people I am not speaking of “stash” as in the green three-leaf clover that is not legal in the state of Pennsylvania.  I am referring to a large stash of “fabric”. I am curious to hear if my peers  have a large fabric stash.  I often meander into a fabric shop and encounter an abounding amount of fabrics that I am drawn to, but refrain from purchasing.  Of course my refusal to buy in quantity has me later kicking myself when it becomes evident that one of those “passed over” materials would have been the soul mate for a specific project.  To make matters even worse when I take the time to venture back to the shop and invest in the cloth, it quickly becomes apparent that it has been confiscated by a wiser customer.  I find myself slowly exiting the store feeling totally deflated.  I believe I suffer from FCS (fabric commitment syndrome).  Standing amidst all those beautiful patterns, and colors, gives me cold feet.  I can’t seem to allow myself to be devoted to more than one piece of material.  I suppose my relationship with fabric has me being a monogamous quilter.

I only browse for fabric when I have an upcoming project and it’s time to redeem the precise cloth for the design that is whirling around in my mind.  Since I don’t accumulate fabric, I have but a very small stash to draw upon.  This lack of resources often leads to a little bit of design challenges.  Obstacles aren’t necessarily a bad thing but not possessing the quantity of fabric required for a design most definitely is!

When Hula Hibiscus was being constructed, thanks to Ronda K Scott, the challenge presented was to produce this piece from our “stash” alone.  WHAT??? I about fell on the floor.  I don’t even know if you can consider my collection a “stash” as it’s so pitiful!

Final reveal

No I wasn’t lying, it is very small, tiny, minuscule.  So lets turn this topic away from me and out to the public.  Do you have a large stash, or are you like me and need to find the closest FCS program?


Change of Seasons – Change of Thread……



I am witnessing the leaves slowly falling off the trees and creating a quilt of foliage on the ground below.  It also has become obvious that when I climb into my vehicle my body screams “Turn on the doggone seat warmer”!  So begrudgingly I believe  it is time the bathing suits and shorts need to retire until 2017.  I absolutely LOVE cold weather…said this quilter never!  And the thought of filling my closet with sweaters, turtlenecks  and long pants already has me feeling the winter blues.   Palm trees, Jimmy Buffett music, and a personal cabana boy that serves me tropical drinks while I quilt sounds like the ideal living situation.  But it’s back to reality; I will have to make do with  playing Reggae music and fueling up the fireplace so I can walk around the studio barefoot.

Which brings me asking you a few question: Do any of you change the way you go about quilting in the winter?  How about your fabrics? Do the seasons of fall and winter have you selecting different fabrics for your projects? And are your color schemes and time you put forth quilting altered?  Although I really detest the cold, and I mean really detest the cold, it does not have me deviating from my color and fabric preferences.  I guess I refuse to give up the vibe of warmer weather.  My quilting time actually ends earlier during the warm, sunshine summer filled days where I can make time for my of love of golf, and other outdoor activities.   The “I don’t want to leave my house or get out of my  pajama days of winter” instills a desire to be more productive and descending into the studio.  Sadly, there is no golfing, so in order to transmit a little sunshine into my day I submerge myself into quilting.

Binding my quilts in the winter is one of my all time favorite things to do.  When I find myself perched by the fire with a quilt on my lap performing handwork I am definitely in my happy place.  If I could just save them all for  December, January and February life would be great; ugh those three LONG months.   Since my thoughts are in “cold temperature mode” they have me considering broaching a new appliqué project for the upcoming season.  Hold on a second, I forgot.   I actually have a UFO that needs to be completed; what great timing!  It seems I need to finalize the appliqué on this project…..


During the brainstorming of this design I envisioned purples and greens; which is more the typical color choice for me.  This color scheme completely falls outside my color wheel and has me feeling very unsettled.  As I stare at what I have accomplished thus far I question myself “Should I pursue what I have put in motion, or do I contemplate revamping my initial design”?  Such decisions, what’s a quilter to do?

I’d love to hear about your winter quilting rituals.