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  Although 2017 will not be arriving for 4 months, and Christmas (let alone New Year’s)is something I really don’t want any parts of since it’s only October, I did want to share this:  Starting next week I will commit to entertaining my audience every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  And should I fall short of that I believe Drea will come up with some type of consequence that is as torturous, if not worse, than Hot Yoga!  So a little more consistency is coming your way.

Here’s a sneak peak at whats coming up next week:

Blog Hop on the book “A New Spin on Drunkards Path” by John Kubinec!  John has designed unique pieces using variations of the Drunkard’s Path Block.

AND here comes FLAT LISA!  Who is she? What can she possibly do?? And what the heck is she for???  Stay tuned for her reveal next week!  So I will leave you in suspense for the next two days and look forward to kick off my earliest New Year’s resolution ever!

Quilt on, my friends!


Houston….. here we come!

Houston here we come!  Yes, we are coming back for this 2016!! Last year was my first experience with teaching; I cannot express how amazing the event was, my class and students were simply incredible!  My time in Houston was so motivating that it has me coming back for more;  and I cannot wait to see what this year has to offer.  On Monday Oct 31st I will be teaching one “Hands On” class using my 3 step method for quilting.  It is my most popular class based on my new book, Divide and Design, Get it done!


There are still some spots available!!  Sign up today.   Class #103

Divide and Design:
The Cure for Quilter’s Agoraphobia
Do you feel overwhelmed when gazing upon a quilt feeling anxious that something creative and beautiful is beyond your scope? Have you observed pieces designed by quilters and thought “where do they come up with such originality?”  You are not alone, and the cure for such reluctance is just a class away.  With Lisa’s 3 step process you will approach the idea of quilting in a completely new way. Over the course of this class you will divide large areas of your quilt into manageable small spaces, gaining the confidence and skill needed to produce a design that will make your quilt top sing and have you smiling with pride!  You will soon discover that anyone can transform the everyday quilt into a masterpiece, and moreover turn those special quilts into treasured heirlooms.  So don’t let Quilter’s Agoraphobia keep you from doing what you love; let Lisa’s class provide the freedom needed to bring out the quilter in you!



I am also excited to announce that we will take our first step into the world of vending!  The whole process has been fun and terrifying all at the same time. But we are eager to launch our business among vendors nationwide and begin this new journey here in Houston.  Don’t miss out on our booth, #1323 and get a first hand look at what our business can offer you.  Moreover, Judy and I would love the opportunity to meet with those attending the show; exchanging ideas, and stories with others in the quilting industry is what we live for!

And on an ESTATIC note while in Houston, that Tuesday evening,  I will have the honor of accpeting an award  for my quilt, A Silver Lining.  This is a huge thrill from me as this quilt was created on the BERNINA longarm.  While designing this second quilt, using the BERNINA Qmatic, this amazing machine enabled me to use my computerized components to produce an award winning piece of art.  I cannot thank BERNINA for making such a incredible product!!


So… who are we going to see at the show???


The Hot Yoga “hazing” is complete!

I am happy to report that Drea survived her first hot yoga session… what follows is written by her!

Hot Yoga=Survivor=Karma
Hot Yoga, that is a very kind description of a recent class I had the unfortunate opportunity to experience. This is what I should have read prior to stepping foot into Hot Yoga.

Are you considering applying to be a contestant on “Survivor”, and aren’t sure how to prepare your body and mind adequately for all that you might endure? Then a 90 minute class of Hot Yoga is exactly what Jeff Probst would encourage you to do. Prepare yourself for a class of students inhabiting an environment containing temperatures of 105 degrees and 40% humidity. Your instructor will slowly guide you through 26 poses, repeat 26. Slowly your body and mind will take you to unkind places such as “I gave up my glass of wine the night before, and heavenly cup of coffee this morning to be taken to hell and back??!!”, and your body will utter comments like “You want this junk in the trunk/muffin top figure to hold a pose for how long AND breathe at the same time, its one or the other!”. The use of ceiling fans will push you to very core. Yes, the feeling of HOT, HUMID air will blow across your body therefore pushing the thought of sitting in the restroom for the remaining 45 minutes to the forefront of you mind. Slowly you will observe others students pause, and then recover continuing on through this battle. We cannot forget to remind you that there is at least one individual who cannot “outlive, outlast” will it be you?

Yes, it was my idea for Lisa to haze whoever she hired by attending her favorite Hot Yoga class. Yes, I made us both laugh as we envisioned that poor individual trying to not to drown in their own sweat. The saying “Karma is a bitch” is very similar to the title of the class “Hot Yoga” both are putting it mildly to say the least.


What Drea doesn’t say… she was currently seen perusing sites looking for yoga gear….

Happy Monday!


My new “Jenny”


“Flipping Out,” one of the many series BRAVO airs each week. “Flipping Out” my guilty pleasure, yes I am a dedicated Jeffrey and Jenny junkie. And just like Jeffrey, I need and desire a Jenny for my business. That certain person who initially is my right thumb, but will ultimately become my right hand. Yes, we all want one of those right? That individual who is in sync with your ideas, understands your professional goals, and is right along side of you if not one step
And although I have a partner in crime who many of you already know, Judy. She is my “right arm” the person who keeps me afloat during our adventures on the road. Unfortunately due to distance she cannot be my right hand. So while Im not traveling I need that “right thumb” here in the studio. What I didn’t realize is that she has been right under my nose for quite some time. Her name is Drea, pronounced like the rapper “Dr. Dre” (it’s the only way many people can figure out how to say her name correctly). We were the “good, sacrificing” mothers that brought their boys to Santa’s workshop, Brandon was in first grade, the year 2003. Sitting across from each other we looked up and both shared the expression of “How long does it take for my child to pick out a christmas gift, on a budget of $10 dollars”. Within moments we began chatting. Walking away that evening I knew I had met someone who would be a life long friend. Our paths have gone in different directions due to children’s ages, work , etc., but whenever we have the opportunity to connect it pick up right where we left off. Now fast forward 13 years…yep here we are. Drea currently works full time at Pottstown Hospital but has joined my crazy world of quilting for 12 hours a week. No, she cannot be trusted with a needle, and thread but She has many other great qualities needed here in the studio. She is a word whiz…not me I hate writing. She is very organized ….again not me and after our first business meeting she proved to be able to handle my mind full of thoughts and ideas; and that’s a lot to take on! Our goal is to make Drea a permanent, yes, this Jeffriana is hoping to have this Jenny full time! So bottom line my favorite Bravo show “Flipping Out” may be taking on its own little series here in Pottstown PA.


Prior to me and Drea discussing the possibility of her assisting we held many conversations on how my search was going. During one little chat she thought it would be very humorous of me to haze that special person by having them attend a “Hot Yoga Class” with me. She is not a huge fan of Yoga and adding the word “HOT” just makes her hyperventilate. We shared a huge laugh agreeing that it would be extremely comical. Drea isn’t laughing, chuckling or giggling now. Stay tuned to hear how her hazing goes, its this Saturday morning. I guess she forgot that karma can be a bitch!



AQS Chattanooga

My journey to AQS Chattanooga has come to an end; now that I am home I can reflect and share with everyone what an incredible time Judy and I had!  We definitely embraced quality and quantity car time together as we drove 10 1/2 hours from Philadelphia to Chattanooga…. to many I am sure this sounds dreadful, but Judy and I always make each trip an adventure to remember.  And although the world outside was trying poop on our parade the two of inside the vehicle laughed it away!



Had we known prior that Dolly Parton would be greeting us as we entered good ole Tennessee we would have honored her with a little  music.  I’m thinking “9 to 5” would have been just perfect!

img_1494 img_1495

After a great morning of judging the amazing talent in Tennessee, we decided to venture to the Tennessee Aquarium.  So many incredible things to see; I didn’t realize that seahorses could be so small, or perhaps I just haven’t seen enough of them.  And oh my! The creatures that look as though they are from prehistoric times, Jurassic Park comes to mind or Harry Potter?  Regardless our time spent at the museum was interesting to say the least.

img_1503 img_1505

Classes began on Wednesday, each session was  filled with students that arrived eager and ready to learn.  I too was excited, I never tire of having the opportunity to share my knowledge and methods .  As in any class each group of students is different, and yes that means the serious learner , the comical learner, and even those who like to cause trouble…Marsha…Debby, need I say more?  Heading to the South is one of my favorite areas to teach.  I am never disappointed by the warmth and kindness I experience from those around me, it’s like coming home.


Below are some pictures taken from the classes I taught….. there was a total of six sessions…. 2 Templates classes, 2 Feathers classes, my session demonstrating the Divide and Design technique and a Fills class.


I actually had some student that had never laid fingers on a machine!  This thrilled me, as I was ecstatic to bring the world of quilting into their lives.  With each class I witnessed everyone progress. Moreover, it was so rewarding to observe their confidence and self satisfaction with their results .  My trip to Chattanooga was awesome, and I can only thank everyone who participated in my classes for such a great week.

And I can’t forget to mention that while in Tennessee I had a chance to visit Spool and Maddie Kertay!  The character of her store will draw you in, it has such a warm and inviting feel, and once you see her selection of fabric you will wish you had visited sooner!  But spending time with Maddie was the highlight; she is one badass!


Thank you AQS for a fabulous week!  I am so fortunate to do this for a living; not a day goes by that I don’t  wonder how I got so lucky to be sharing my passion and love of quilting.

What will your passion and love of quilting create???


PS.  Make sure you check out my new book!  Divide and Design!  I just got some of the quilts back ….. here are my two favorites.

My New Book!!!

I am so excited!  My new book, Lisa H Calle’s Divide and Design, is coming out!  They are due to arrive here in my studio the week of Sept 19th!!

I am now accepting preorders for a signed copy….. all orders will go out the week of the 26th!  (hopefully sooner) If you order your book with any Quilter’s Groove Rulers, they will all go out at the same time so if you need your rulers, please order them separately.


This book will teach you my divide and design technique as well as give you 5 simple piecing/applique projects to practice on.  When using this technique I use a  variety of rulers to divide out my quilt.  I use the ProEcho’s … the small ones (Proechoes 3-7) and medium ones (Proechoes 8-12) are the most used! You can use whatever templates/rulers you have on hand.

This technique is not just  for longarmers!  If you quilt your own tops, this book is for you!

Here are a couple of peeks at some of the quilts…


IMG_3049 petitafourfull marked petitafourcloseupmarked


This book goes over the material in my iQuilt class as well.  iQuilt is having a sale 40% off one  class!

Divide, Design and Fill for Beautiful Quilting or Mastering the Mini, Wholecloth that is!

Promotional Disclosure: *Use coupon code SEPT40 at checkout to receive your discount. Discount applied to the lowest priced class in the cart. Members receive an additional 20% off at checkout. Sale valid 09/08/16 through 09/13/16 at 11:59 p.m. (CT). Limited time only. Subject to change without notice. Only one coupon code may be used per order. Not valid on prior orders. This offer may not be combined with other offers.



I am off to AQS Chattanooga on Monday!  I hope to see a lot of you there!

What will you create?