My Quilting Project….

So I have taken some time to get back to my quilting.  It feels like its been ages.   I’d have to look but I think I finished piecing this 2 years ago.  I ‘m sure Facebook will remind me at some point . LOL  I remember piecing this center…. it just about killed me trying to make the corners work…


So it is loaded on my machine and this is where I’m at…

IMG_1053 IMG_1066

doing some grid based quilting…. ala Gina Perkes…. also using my ProPebble ruler 1-2  to make the arcs…


Here is a great picture of the texture it adds.


Getting ready to add some dividing lines in the pink area.  I then used the wonderful basting stitch on my BERNINA longarm to baste until I’m ready for the design work.


Some ditch work using Aurifil’s Monofilament thread…. love it.


And my favorite ditching ruler… the ProMini!


Now I did some remarking on the scroll work before  I loaded it… I used my Fine Line Blue washout pen.  Now, many of you have heard that I struggle with following a line so I used this as my practice…. LOL  I concentrated on looking where I wanted to go and now where my needle was.  It worked fairly well… I was pleased.  Please don’t point out my wobbles… I know they are there and I am NOT taking them out.  LOL


Last Christmas, I was working on a tuffet.  I wanted it to be red and white like a candy cane… ok, it looks more like a peppermint.  I learned a lot.  Sharyn Cole’s iquilt class helped tremendously.  I recommend ordering her kit and then order the class.

Here is my peppermint…


What will you create?


11 thoughts on “My Quilting Project….

  1. I love what you are doing to this quilt. So nice to see that you are basting with your longarm. I have had the impression that longarm quilters “baste” by stitching in the ditch. I thread baste on my domestic which is only possible because I make small stuff or do QAYG quilts. A friend suggested that I could have a quilt basted by a longarm quilter but I don’t much like the look on the back if the blocks have been stitched in the ditch which is the case with my friend’s quilts. Thanks for showing this. I may reconsider trying to have a quilt professionally basted now.

  2. Love the “new quilt and quilting, of course. Your appliqué is lovely! I’m inspired to try designing something with graceful curves like the ones you do.
    Now, making that quilt will require either omitting some I have planned or living much longer in good health! Mmmm

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