This and That….

I hope you all liked the New York Beauty block!  Louise Duff sent me her version and I absolutely love it.  Thank you for sharing!!

louiseduff2 Louiseduff1


In December, I decided to make a tuffet… I was going to make mine look like a candy cane and chose red and white batiks….. i got the piecing done and then just stopped… I wasn’t sure I liked my fabric etc etc….. another unfinished project.  Well, I was really happy to see Sharyn Cole  from the Tuffet Source has an iQuilt class.  I am just about finished taking it and I am going to finish my darn tuffet and can’t wait.   Here is a sample from her home page….. do you think I can convince her to gift that one to me….. I love it.


There has been a lot of talk about the  changes going on in our industry.  (and there have been a lot)  Quilt shops closing, quilting magazines ceasing printing, AQS to stop publishing books…. its a lot to take in and can be a little scary for those of us that make our living in this industry.

We need to pull together and unite…. modern, traditional, leather, longarmers, domestic quilters, hand quilters etc…. we are all the same…. we are people who create… our mode of creating does not matter.  Let’s support each other, lift each other up and help each other out!   If WE as the creators, support each others small businesses…. we will succeed and all be stronger in the long run.

Change can be scary but it is necessary to grow…. and we all want our industry to grow and be strong… think of it as a plant… sometimes you have to cut off parts of the plant to have it grow big and strong… this is how I view what is going on in the industry. With the advance of social media, online classes etc… we have to evolve or get left behind.

My friend, Linda Thielfoldt, wrote a good blog post about this subject.   Make sure you read it and the comments.  I want to now find someone to mentor…. so if you know of a young one in my area…. let me know.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this so make sure you leave a comment.

What will you create??




6 thoughts on “This and That….

  1. I went to the Iowa State Fair yesterday and I was amazed at all the quilts in the 4H exhibit. It put a smile on my face that these young people are making quilts…really, really nice quilts! I also checked out the adult quilts and there were hundreds of them. Very impressive!

  2. Thank you to Jean and Louise for sharing your NY Beauty quilting. That is one block that scares the socks off me. I would love to quilt it but piece it!!!!!
    As to changes – in a world where everything is very uncertain and there seems to be more to divide than unite I think it is extremely important that we as quilter are sharing and caring and wrap each other in a comforting blanket of friendship that stretches across techniques, colours, thread brands, machines and whatsoever we use or not.

  3. I was providing basic sewing instruction to a home schooled student and it never occurred to me that a quilt would be the best way to integrate sewing with a completely achievable project – I just sent the blog post to her mom – who does not sew but does a wonderful job of finding resources for her children – thank you for sharing this!

  4. Great post by Linda, So (sew?) relevant and that’s how the passion continues. I will bring this up in my guild as I know a couple ladies have mentored girls/young women before and come up with a way to make this a project or goal for the guild. Thanks for posting!

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