Storm at Sea – Take 3

Here is the last design for the storm at  sea… let me know what you think..

Step 1:  I used some wavy lines and scrolls to divide up this block.



Step 2:  Some fun continuous curves…


Step 3:  Straight line echoing around the exterior…


Here is the view of the “quilt”




I’d say this is lightly quilted for me.  LOL

Next up is the Hunter’s Star block!


Have you made it over to yet…. don’t miss out on the sale.


What will you create?


3 thoughts on “Storm at Sea – Take 3

  1. Hi Lisa, Love your work you are a amazing quilter. I saw a little peak at your Houston quilt it is amazing. Would like to know if you be showing your show quilt on your blog after the show, for the blog lovers how can’t make it to the show. Second questions are you planning to come to a quilt shop in Michigan would love to take alive class. Also I have learned alot from your class, and books.

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