LeMoyne Star- Take 3

So sorry this is late… between last week at BERNINA University and this week teaching at Quilt Odyssey, I got a little behind.   I am hoping to catch up and get ahead this weekend.

It was requested that I tell you how I would stitch these out so I will start doing that as well.

Step 1:   This was how I divided up this block to begin with… if I were working on customer quilts, I would stitch out the final design and not stitch out based on the steps that I show you.  When I am working on my own quilts which are mainly competition pieces, I stitch out in the steps. So I know everything is going to work.


Step 2:  Add some feathers…. you can do ferns as well or feather variations and it would look great.


Step 3: I wanted to keep this one fairly simple so I added some more continuous curves.


If I were stitching this all out,the small circle in the center would come first.  Then I would do all of the continuous curves  as well as the stitch in the ditch.  Then would come the scrolls and feathers.

Hope you like this one… its a cuddable!

Next up is the Storm at Sea!

What will you create?


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3 thoughts on “LeMoyne Star- Take 3

    • LOL, I have a competition piece on the frame right now. I probably won’t stitch them out as that would mean I also have to piece the block, unfortunately I don’t have that much free time.

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